Rugby League: Josh Reynolds' assault case takes bizarre twist, allegations of faked pregnancies, cancer

The woman at the centre of assault allegations levelled against West Tigers playmaker Josh Reynolds has been accused of lying about multiple pregnancies and using false names to steal money from men. 

Arabella Del Busso claimed Reynolds assaulted her last year, saying she suffered injuries to her arms and legs during an expletive-laden argument between the pair. 

Last month, footage of the incident was leaked on social media where Reynolds can be seen shouting a tirade of abuse at Del Busso - who is filming the incident on her phone - calling her a "c*nt" and a "dog" among other obscenities. However, it did not show any assault by Reynolds towards her.  

Reynolds was charged by police with assault following the incident. He entered a not guilty plea in December last year.

The 30-year-old is due to appear in court on Friday where Reynolds and his legal team will attempt to have the case against him for domestic violence thrown out, after allegations, Del Busso faked three pregnancies, fake aliases, and faked cancer to dupe him and former boyfriends into giving her money. 

The bombshell claims come after an exclusive report from 9News, saying Ms Del Busso is just one of nine aliases used by Donna Preusker.

The report showed Preusker's mother, Isobel, and a former boyfriend claiming the model has been lying about her identity.  

"What's been happening is just devastating to a lot of people...she needs to be stopped," Isobel said.

The former boyfriend, who wanted to be anonymous, said he knew Preusker as Belladonna Di Donato. 

"I gave her about $2500-$3000 for her treatment towards her treatment... she didn't have a job, so I was supporting her so probably about $6000 or $7000," he told 9News.

According to 9News, Preusker had told Reynolds she was pregnant with twins twice but had miscarriages both times. 

That led to Reynolds speaking out in an emotional interview with 7News. 

"It's made me deal with something in life that I never thought I'd have to deal with," he explained last April. 

"I was pretty excited. That was something in life I've always wanted but I've sort of had to go along the lines that everything happens for a reason. It's the saddest thing ever." 

Preusker allegedly told him she was pregnant a third time, but Reynolds' defence team will allege that medical records show she was not pregnant on those occasions.

Reynolds also claims Preusker told him her mother died and she needed money for a funeral.

The pair met through social media in late 2018.

However, Georgia Barone, Ms Del Basso's sister, insisted the pregnancies were real when speaking with The Daily Telegraph.

"I can say that there is medical proof that these pregnancies weren't fake … and that Josh is doing all of this to force Bella into dropping the charges," she said.

"At this very minute, we're just trying to handle what Josh has said and done."

Ms Barone told The Daily Telegraph her sister had not had any contact with her mother since she was 17.