Chappell-Hadlee 2020: Live updates - 1st ODI, New Zealand v Australia

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Australia 258/7 (Warner 67, Finch 60)

Blackcaps 187

Australia win by 71 runs! 

41st over - Cummins to bowl. 

A top edge from Boult and it goes over the keeper for four. 

WICKET! It's all over, a top edge from Boult and Cummins calls it and catches it! 


40th over - Marsh to bowl. 

Four runs, well played from Southee - he guides one past Carey. 

WICKET! Ferguson goes for the big shot, but he misses and Marsh hits... off stump. 

Ferguson 1 b Marsh. 

39th over - Hazlewood to bowl.

Just three singles from the over. 

38th over - Marsh to bowl. 

WICKET! Another one down, another dusty shot! Santner down the ground straight to the fielder. 

Santner 14 b Marsh c Cummins. 

37th over - Hazlewood to bowl.

Four runs from Santner off the final ball, a short ball, pulled away for the boundary. 

36th over - Zampa to bowl.

WICKET! Silly from CDG, he goes for a big shot where two men are standing, and Starc swallows it. 

de Grandhomme 25 b Zampa c Starc. 

35th over - Hazlewood to bowl.

Smart batting so far from these two - looking like they are trying to take it as late as they can. 

Seven off the over. 

34th over - Zampa to bowl. 

Good over from Zampa - just four off it. 

33rd over - Hazlewood to bowl.

WICKET! Latham is gone! He tries to pull a short ball from Hazlewood and he finds the man on the boundary. 

Latham 38 b Hazlewood c Short. 

32nd over - Zampa to bowl.

Lovely from CDG, full and wide and he throws the kitchen sink at it and it goes for four. 

Very nice from Latham, he comes down the track and hits it down the ground for a lovely four. 

Now Latham goes back and slaps it over the mid-wicket region for four. 

14 off the over. 

31st over - Hazlewood to bowl.

Latham comes down the track, and plays it into the leg side for a much-needed boundary. 

Eight runs off the over. 

30th over - Starc to bowl. 

Four singles off the first five! These two batsman need to take this as deep as they can here. 

Then a four from CDG, too straight and he flicks it to the boundary. 

29th over - Zampa to bowl.

Seven off the over - nice bowling but some even better batting. 

28th over - Starc to bowl.

Good over from the Blackcaps, CDG gets under one and flicks it into the leg side for four. 

27th over - Cummins to bowl.

Maiden over! 

26th over - Starc to bowl.

Good batting from Latham, four runs from the over. 

25th over - Cummins to bowl.

Four runs from Latham, over the covers and it's a boundary. 

WICKET! Superb bouncer from Cummins and Neesham can't do anything but hit it straight up and it's taken easily. 

Neesham 8 b Cummins c Carey. 

24th over - Smith to bowl. 

Massive six from Neesham! A bad ball from Smith and he puts it away into the stands. 

23rd over - Cummins to bowl.

WICKET! What a catch from Smith and Guptill is on his way, a very nice take at point from Smith.

Guptill 40 b Cummins c Smith.

22nd over - Zampa to bowl.

Seven off the over  - close to a wicket from Latham. 

21st over - Marsh to bowl.

WICKET! Taylor gets himself out - spoons one straight to the fielder! 

Taylor 4 b Marsh c Starc. 

20th over - Zampa to bowl.

Two runs off the first ball.

WICKET! Great ball from Zampa and Williamson gets a little lazy on it and maybe doens't pick the wrong-un. He's bowled. 

Williamson 19 b Zampa. 

19th over - Marsh to bowl. 

Four singles to start the over! 

18th over - Zampa to bowl.

Lovely from Guptill, he gets down on one knee and thrashes it down the ground for a six! 

17th over - Marsh to bowl.

Mix up in the middle and if it hits, Williamson is out, but the fielder misses. 

Tidy over - just four off it. 

16th over - Zampa comes into the attack. 

Good bowling from the leggy - three singles off the over. 

15th over - Marsh to continue. 

Williamson comes down the track and plays a lofted drive over mid on for four - not well timed, but well enough. 

Outside edge for one from Williamson.

14th over - Starc to bowl. 

Upish from Guptill, but it's through the gap and goes for one. 

Just that one single from the Starc over. 

13th over - Marsh to bowl.

Just one single from that over. 

12th over - Starc to bowl.

Too straight from Starc and it's flicked away for four - a couple of singles too and the over goes for six. 

11th over - Cummins to bowl.

Very well bowled - maiden from Cummins.

10th over - Hazlewood to bowl. 

WICKET! Nicholls is gone, lovely catch from Carey - very nice low diving catch to his left. Good ball too. 

Nicholls 10 b Hazlewood c Carey. 

9th over - Cummins to bowl. 

Two off the over. 

8th over - Hazlewood to bowl.

Nice shot from Guppy he waits on it, and a late cut earns him three. 

7th over - Cummins to bowl. 

Three singles from the over. 

6th over - Hazlewood to bowl. 

Frustrating start for the Kiwi openers here, can't seem to get any timing. 

Just one off it. 

5th over - Cummins to bowl.

Very nice over from Cummins and there's just one off it. 

4th over - Hazlewood to bowl.

Guptill looks down the ground, but he gets an inside edge and it's a single. 

Two singles then Guptill finds a gap for three runs. Five off it. 

3rd over - Starc to bowl. 

A single for Guptill in the early part of the Starc over. 

Nicholls is off the mark, a nice cut short for four.

2nd over - Hazlewood to bowl.

Nice shot from Guptill, it's pitched up and Guptill hits it over mid-on for three. 

Three off the over. 

1st over - Starc to bowl.

Really close LBW appeal, umpire says no and Starc calls for the review - not out, pitched outside. 

A single into the leg side from Guptill - one off the over. 

The Blackcaps need 259 to win. 

50th over - Ferguson to bowl.

WICKET! Average ball from Ferguson, it's a full toss and Labuschagne can't get hold of it, good catch from Taylor.

Labuschagne 56 b Ferguson c Taylor. 

Fine batting from Starc, eight off the last three balls. 

49th over - Boult to bowl.

Boult gets a wicket in the first ball of the over - but Labushagne reviews and it's hit him outside the line. 

One over to go.

48th over - Sodhi to bowl. 

56 balls without a boundary! Massive change in momentum. 

Massive six! As I write about thier lack of boundaries and Cummins produces one over mid wicket for six. 

47th over - Boult to bowl. 

Tight bowling here from Boult, four singles! 

46th over - Sodhi to bowl. 

Two into the leg side off the first ball of the over. 

WICKET! A dusty ball from Sodhi and Marsh hits it to Guptill who makes no mistake. 

Marsh 27 b Sodhi c Guptill

WICKET! Full toss from Sodhi and Carey sweeps it straight to Boult. 

Carey 1 b Sodhi c Boult.

45th over - Santner to bowl.

Seven off the over - still no boundary. 

44th over - Sodhi to continue. 

Two singles off the first two balls and the Aussies look a little frustrated, they can't get anything through at the moment. 

Five singles off the over. 

43rd over - Neesham to bowl. 

Marsh flicks a straight ball into the leg side for a single. 

Six runs off the over - no boudnaries. 

42nd over - Sodhi to bowl. 

A good comeback here from the Kiwis - they're limiting the Aussie's to a boundary every couple of overs. 

41st over - Neesham to bowl. 

Five off the Neesham over - much better bowling. 

40th over - Santner to bowl. 

Two singles from the lefty's over. 

39th over - Boult to bowl. 

Horrible ball from Boult, short and wide and Marsh slashes his hands and it's four runs. 

Just the four off the over. 

38th over - Santner to bowl. 

Just the three singles off the over. 

37th over - Boult to bowl. 

Tight bowling from Boult - three off the over. 

36th over - Ferguson to bowl. 

11 runs from the over  - poor bowling. 

35th over - Sodhi will bowl. 

He misses his length and it's pulled away for four - average bowling. 

WICKET! Poor ball and even worse shot from Short, down the leg side and he hits it down the throat of the fielder. 

Short 5 b Sodhi c Nicholls.

Seven off the over. 

34th over - Ferguson to bowl.

Seven runs off the over - a bit loose from Ferguson. 

33rd over - Santner to bowl. 

Just one single off the over. 

32nd over - CDG to bowl. 

Nice areas from de Grandhomme, a french cut nearly hits the stumps but it goes past for a single - four off the over. 

31st over - Santner to bowl. 

WICKET! Lovely from Santner! A back of a length ball, Smith backs away and it hits the top of off - huge wicket! 

Smith 14 b Santner. 

Outside edge and Labuschagne if off the mark into the third man region. 

30th over - Boult to bowl. 

A nice single from Smith, he drops it into the off side and steals one. 

Just one off the over. 

29th over - Santner to bowl.

WICKET! Finch is gone, Latham juggles but takes it in the end, nice from Santner and it takes the edge of Finch's bat. 

Finch 60 b Santner c Latham.

Very good over from the lefty. 

28th over - Boult to bowl.

Finch is breezing through this innings at the moment, another easy single. 

Two off the over. 

27th over - Ferguson to bowl.

Lovely from Smith, helicopter shot and it flies over the boundary for six. 

Run out shout, lovely from Kane, but Finch is easily home. 

26th over - Neesham to bowl. 

Bad ball from Neesham and Finch is onto it, one bounce four over short third man.

Five runs off the over. 

25th over - Warner to bowl. 

WICKET! Warner is gone, a short ball and he gets the top edge and Sodhi swallows it. 

Warner 67 b Ferguson c Sodhi.

Short ball first up to Smith, he guides it into the third man region for one. 

Three off the over. 

24th over - Neesham to bowl.

Poor ball from Neesham and he puts it on Warner's legs, four runs. 

Five runs off the over. 

23rd over - Ferguson to bowl. 

Much better from the bowlers, five singles. 

22nd over - Neesham to bowl. 

Three singles, the Blackcaps have done a good job over the last few over to steady the flow. 

21st over - Sodhi to bowl. 

Four singles from the Sodhi over. 

20th over - CDG to bowl. 

Single from Finch as he inches closer to his 50.

Four runs from Warner, cut through the point region. 

19th over - Sodhi to bowl.

Half tracker from Sodhi and Finch goes bang! Six more - Ferguson has to go and get the ball becuase there's no crowd! 

That's the 50 for David Warner, and there's nobody to cheer so he doesn't really know - gives it a little celebration. 

18th over - CDG to bowl. 

Four singles off the over. 

17th over- Sodhi to bowl. 

Really nice from Finch first up, he gets to the pitch of the ball and plays a nice cover drive, three off it. 

Reverse sweep from Warner and it gets through the gap for a boundary - four runs. 

16th over- CDG to bowl. 

Short from CDG and Warner pulls it away for four - average bowling there. 

15th over - Santner to bowl. 

Lovely sweep from Finch and it goes past fine leg for four. 

Ugly shot from Warner, a no-ball from Santner, yorker and it's a dot ball. 

Nine off the over. 

14th over - de Grandhomme to bowl.

Two runs from the first two balls, CDG comes around the wicket to Warner and just misses his yorker. 

Three from the over. 

13th over - Four off the over.

12th over - Santner to bowl. 

Five runs off the over.

Big shout from the Kiwis, a potential LBW, but they dont go up for a review, it wouldv'e been hitting - Finch would've been out again. 

Four off the over. 

11th over - CDGto bowl.

One single off the over. 

10th over - Neesham to bowl.

Six runs from the Aussie captain, he comes forward and slaps Neesham down the ground! Huge.

Warner this time, over pitched and Warner goes down the ground, two bounces then it goes for four. 

Four off the last - 15 off the over. 

9th over - Santner to bowl.

Just tow singles off the over. 

8th over - Neesham to bowl. 

Short and wide from Neesham, and a top edge from Warner goes for four.

Five off the over.  

7th over - Boult to bowl. 

Two singles off that over. 

6th over - Ferguson to bowl. 

Single into the off side. Much better over from Ferguson. 

5th over - Boult to bowl. 

Two singles off the over - well bowled. 

4th over - Ferguson to bowl.

To add insult to injury, Finch pulls the first ball for four. 

An outside edge for a single to follow. 

Not a great ball from Ferguson and Warner is onto it and pulls it for four. 

3rd over - Boult to bowl. 

Big appeal from Boult, he's confident but the umpire says no deal, no review - he's hit the cover off it... poor from the Blackcaps. 

Four runs off the last ball, nice shot from Warner. 

2nd over - Ferguson to bowl. 

Two off the first, into the leg side. 

A single from Finch into the off side. 

Average bowling from the visitors first up, five off the over. 

1st over - Boult to bowl the first over of the series. 

Too straight from Boult and Warner clips one into the leg side for one - called a leg bye. 

In-swinging yorker from Boult and FInch digs it out - does well. 



Here are the teams 

Australia have won the toss and will bat first. 

3:46pm - Aussie pace bowler Kane Richardson has been quarintined after reporting illness.

Hello folks and welcome to the live commentary of the first Chappell-Hadlee One Day International from the Sydney Cricket Ground.

It's going to be quite surreal for the players with news breaking earlier today that the game will be played behind closed doors, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

There are serious concerns that the final two games of the series and the T20 series, which is set to be staged in New Zealand later this month, will be officially cancelled in the coming days. 

From a pure cricket perspective, the Blackcaps will be looking to bury the demons of the test series whitewash that concluded at the same ground in January. 

Australia are coming off a series whitewash themselves at the hands of South Africa where their batsman let them down.

The first ball is scheduled for 435pm. 


New Zealand: (To be selected from) - Kane Williamson (c), Henry Nicholls, Martin Guptill, Ross Taylor, Colin de Grandhomme, James Neesham, Tom Blundell, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Tom Latham, Kyle Jamieson, Lockie Ferguson, Matt Henry, Tim Southee and Trent Boult 

Australia: (To be selected from) - Aaron Finch (c), David Warner, Marnus Labuschagne, Steve Smith, D'Arcy Short, Mitchell Marsh, Matthew Wade, Alex Carey, Adam Zampa, Ashton Agar, Josh Hazlewood, Pat Cummins, Kane Richardson, Mitchell Starc 

Pre-match banter: Aussies must let bats do the talking 

Aaron Finch has told Australia's batsmen they need to build more match-winning totals, as they attempt to end their one-day form slump against New Zealand.

The hosts will enter their final three games of the home summer off five straight losses, after defeats on the road to South Africa and India.

Australia scored at a run-rate of less than one a ball in the last four of those games, as they struggled on the slower wickets in South Africa.

Another slow wicket is expected at the Sydney Cricket Ground for games on Friday and Sunday, given the matches are the latest in the summer played at the venue, outside of a World Cup, since 1983.

But Finch said Australia's top three of himself, David Warner and Steve Smith had to accept the onus of piloting the hosts to bigger scores.

"At the end of the day, it comes down to the top three," Finch said. "As experienced players, Dave, myself and Steve haven't got as many runs as we should have - that's where the buck stops.

"And probably [we need to take] that next step from 260 or 280 totals to getting match-winning totals on the board."

Finch is likely to stick with a similar team that played most of the series in South Africa for the two games in Sydney.

Mitch Marsh would therefore remain at No.6 and as the legitimate allrounder, with D'Arcy Short and Marnus Labuschagne chipping in overs as extra spinners.

Short showed signs of promise, with the best series of his international career to date in the 3-0 loss to the Proteas, while Marsh is preferred ahead of Ashton Agar.

"I'm keen to give them as long as possible," Finch said. "If you look at our last 20 games, that middle-order combination hasn't been very stable.

"The fact is they haven't played a lot of cricket together in terms of batting partnerships and trying to know each other's games.

"So you give guys as long as you can, while finding that balance of forming partnerships and strong relationships out in the middle."

Meanwhile, New Zealand are toying with the idea of playing two spinners, with Mitchell Santner set to be thrown back into the lion's den, after his horror test summer in Australia.

The left-arm finger spinner took 1/250 across the first two tests of the series, before being dropped for Sydney, but captain Kane Williamson insisted there'd be no lingering issues.

"Mitch is one of the best white-ball spinners in the world," Williamson said. "It's just about adjusting his game back to white-ball cricket.

"He is a large part of our team and bowling attack."