Coronavirus: Golf courses bracing for four weeks without any upkeep

Normally at the weekend, stadiums around New Zealand are full of kiwis watching rugby and cricket or for the thousands of weekend hackers, it's time for a round of golf with their mates.

But with the country in lockdown, those stadiums and golf courses aren't just bare of people they're without care and maintenance, and the cost economically and socially hurts. 

Hundreds of clubs around the country were forced to close with upkeep not permitted.

"Greens are our babies," New Zealand Greenkeepers president Steve Hodson told Newshub. 

"If we lose our greens, we lose our golf course and we've lost our revenue, then we've lost jobs."

He is among thousands of volunteers and is devastated. 

"[It's] a massive social cost as well, as financial cost to the clubs," he told Newshub.

NZ golf has been lobbying to get a dispensation to allow a skeletal staff to cut the greens, until a decision is made.

"The grass keeps on growing," Hodson added.

But while the lockdown effects may be permanently crippling for many small golf courses, the grounds in our big stadiums are in better shape

Turf manager Karl Johnson says FMG Waikato Stadium has sprayed a product to slow growth.

"Hopefully it will hold on for 4 weeks," Johnson told Newshub.

"Our irrigation systems are managed by mobile devices so we are able to irrigate from home"

Instead, Johnson will spend the month preening his own lawn and is hopeful the grass will be greener for all when this finally ends.