Coronavirus: Kiwi Mitchell McCleneghan on self-isolation and his IPL ambitions

While sporting events around the world have been cancelled, cricket's lucrative Indian Premier League is still scheduled to begin at the later date of April 15.

Six Kiwis are involved, but for one - former Blackcaps bowler Mitch McClenaghan - preparations have been a little unorthodox.

Government travel restrictions saw McClenaghan return home early from the Pakistan Super League last week - to an empty house.

His new wife is gone, while he undergoes a 14-day self-isolation period. 

"Everything's [still] out in the lounge," McClenaghan told Newshub via Skype. "[I'm] trying to keep myself occupied. 

"My wife hopefully doesn't watch this - I haven't unpacked yet. I'll do that in another eight days.

"I did notice she got rid of my favourite couch before I left," McClenaghan laughs. 

Despite the chaotic situation unravelling around the world, the IPL is still expected to take place, albeit behind closed doors. 

In the slightly shortened 2020 tournament, McClenaghan will again turn out for the Mumbai Indians - a franchise he has enjoyed considerable success with, including a competition title in 2015. 

The Aucklander is not contracted to New Zealand Cricket, so he relies heavily on the IPL financially. 

"That's my main income for the year. It would be nice if it was to go ahead, but I might end up in the same boat as a lot of New Zealanders and not have a job in a couple of weeks."

New Zealand Players' Association boss Heath Mills says the IPL is just one of many tournaments Kiwi cricketers contest throughout the winter and the association is working to provide support for all involved

"At the moment, we're just talking to them all and building a database of where everyone was planning to go," Mills told Newshub. 

"We want to understand what the potential impacts on all our members will be, if a number of these events don't take place." 

Until that's decided, McClenaghan and trainer Scott McLaren will prepare for the IPL as best they can. 

"It's a little bit of a mess, but he [McLaren] knows what I've got in here, so he's just been putting me to work straight away."

Orthodox net sessions aren't a possibility.

"Look, I'll start to go down to the park by myself, and put a couple of stumps in the grass and bowl, then walk 50 metres to go pick the ball up

The effort will be necessary, should the IPL go ahead.

And the 33-year-old's confident his Mumbai franchise will employ safety measures above and beyond the call of duty 

"I know I'll be in good hands when I get over there, but the matter of getting back is probably the bigger one, if it does go ahead." 

And if that's the case, there may quite possibly be another note from his wife on the way.