Coronavirus: NZ Rugby chief Mark Robinson reveals staff member may have been exposed

NZ Rugby chief executive Mark Robinson has revealed his organisation is following coronavirus protocols, after a staff member was possibly exposed to COVID-19.

Robinson was due to front a press conference in Wellington on Wednesday, but that changed to a phone conference a few hours before. 

Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson Photo credit: Photopsort

The former All Blacks centre said most of his staff were working from home, while the correct guidelines were followed.

"We are following Ministry of Health regulations on a fellow staff member," Robinson said.

"I haven't directly [been in contact with the staff member], but our team certainly has and we are following all the precautions under Ministry of Health guidelines 

"We are working-from-home mode today, not me specifically, but the team is and we are assessing things. 

"We will have more information later on and we will be able to inform the team on what that looks like later on today."

Robinson confirmed the staff member in question had had no contact with any contracted Super Rugby player. 

He said the well-being of staff was paramount, hence the call to have people work from home. 

"We are taking absolute care to ensure that the person is being taken care of and that we have taken care of all of our other staff.

"At this stage, we think there is a low risk of that person having coronavirus and there is a very low risk of transmission.

"We are taking no risks in this space."