Cricket: White Fern Suzie Bates lays down COVID-19 isolation cricket challenge

Veteran White Fern Suzie Bates has laid down the challenge to her fellow cricketers to get their bat and ball out during COVID-19 lockdown.

The New Zealand skipper urged other Kiwi internationals to follow suit and see how many times they could bounce a tennis ball on the side of their bat.

On a video posted to the White Ferns Instagram page, Bates wished all New Zealanders the best during such a "challenging time" before reiterating that "all of us stay home together and save Kiwi lives together."

The all-rounder then put the challenge out to her White Ferns teammates and male counterparts. 

"If you've got a cricket bat and a tennis ball at home, you can give it a crack too," she said.

"Try and keep the ball up five times on one edge, flip it over, five times on the other edge... and see how many you can do in a row," she said.

Bates managed 16 'keep me ups' before wishing would be challengers "good luck"