Football: Spurs star Eric Dier facing repercussions for confronting fan after FA Cup exit

English football star Eric Dier is facing a heavy sanction for an ugly incident, after the final whistle in fifth-round FA Cup action.

In scenes that have shocked the footballing world, the Tottenham midfielder climbed into the stands to confront a spectator, shortly after his side were dumped out of the cup.

After standing up to an unruly fan, Dier had to be wrestled back by bystanders and security.

His actions weren't condoned by manager Jose Mourinho, but he does understand why.

"I think Eric Dier did something that we professionals cannot do, but in these circumstances, I think every one of us would do," said Mourinho. 

The incident began after Spurs lost their FA Cup round-of-16 match against Norwich - currently last in the Premier League - on penalties.

Dier jumped the hoardings, and climbed over rows and rows of chairs in pursuit of the fan, who had apparently insulted him during the match.

Eric Dier consoles Gedson Fernandes after missing a penalty against Norwich
Eric Dier consoles Gedson Fernandes after missing a penalty against Norwich. Photo credit: Reuters.

Dier's brother, watching from the stands, took exception to the insult - and that's what prompted Dier to act.

"You cannot go in the stands, because at that point, you open up a whole can of worms you want no part of," says ESPN football analyst Alejandro Moreno.

The images left those watching on stunned, reminiscent of when Manchester United legend Eric Cantona kicked a Crystal Palace fan in 1995. 

He received a nine-month ban and was fined 30,000 pounds, but Mourinho hopes the club doesn't take disciplinary action against Dier.

"If the club does that, I would not agree," he said.

The club and the English Football Association may disagree with Mourinho, after these scenes that have left the football world in shock.