Football: Wellington Phoenix legend Paul Ifill slams A-League's decision to continue

The Wellington Phoenix will have to play out the rest of the A-League season across the Tasman, after Football Federation Australia defiantly ordered the show must go on.

The Phoenix will fly to Sydney on Tuesday, where they'll spend the next 14 days in quarantine and are unable to train.

But Phoenix legend Paul Ifill questions whether it's worth the effort.

The team is amid one of their best seasons ever. On form, they were a realistic shot to win the title. 

But Ifill, who made over 100 appearances for the Phoenix from 2009-14, doesn't believe that can realistically happen, given the situation they're about to face.

"No, absolutely not," Ifill told Newshub. "No way. 

"I think if you suspended it for the month, I think you'd still say 'yes, no problem'.

"To be asked to play six games in three weeks… people are going to get injured. How do you keep the right mindset?" 

Not only will it isolate the players from their families, but the remaining games will be played in front of empty stadiums.

"What's the point?" said Ifill. "For me, health and safety have to be paramount.

"Why are they asked to leave friends and family?"

The 14-day quarantine means they'll have matches rescheduled and that could see the Phoenix playing the last six regular season games in less than three weeks.

"It just stinks of the powers that be... the money men making a decision based on their pockets, and not the health and safety of those involved."

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