Live updates: NRL - NZ Warriors v Canberra Raiders at Gold Coast

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Fulltime - Warriors 6 Raiders 20

Raiders - Whitehead, Simonsson & Soliola tries; Croker two goals

Warriors - Penalty try; Harris-Tavita goal

80th minute - TRY to Scott

Raiders are on attack, and Williams put a kick ahead for Scott to outpace Maumalo and score.

Croker hooks his conversion after the siren.

Warriors were better this week, but need to improve drastically to challenge the playoffs, even at this early stage of the season.

79th minute - Keighran dropps the ball in a tackle again and that could be the Warriors' last chance to close the margin.

77th minute - Kieghran loses the ball in a tackle, but RTS uses his captain's challenge. Replays show it to be a loose carry - challenge lost.

75th minute - PENALTY TRY to Warriors

From a play-the-ball on the Raiders line, Egan puts a kick through, but Nikorima is taken high, as he chases the ball.

An exhaustive review confirms he would have scored, so the Warriors have finally opened their account for the season. Phew!

Harris-Tavita converts.

74th minute - Raiders are penalised about 35m out. Take the kick, anything to avoid that scoreless record.

73rd minute - Michael Oldfield is on the field for the Raiders, his 50th game across five different clubs.

Anyone else remember Tubular Bells? Google it.

72nd minute - On the last, Green spins the ball, and evenutally Pompey kicks infield and gathers, but the ball goes loose.

70th minute - Pompey rolls the ball along the ground to Harris, who kicks through, but can't catch up with the ball.

68th minute - Apparently no team has been held scoreless in the two opening games of the season for 100 years. Some unwanted history looming for the Warriors.

Cotric is away for another try... but the last pass from Scott is again ruled forward.

66th minute - Raiders spill the ball in midfield and the Warriors have another attacking chance, but Blair puts the ball down again. Katoa has passed his HIA.

64th minute - Guler almost slips a tackle just metres out. Hodgson feeds a charging Lui on the last, but the Warriors smother the threat and force the turnover.

63rd minute - Vuniyayawa drops the ball again, his hands have let him down badly.

61st minute - Raiders have the Warriors defence stretched, but Williams floats a long pass right for Cotric to score, but it's ruled forward.

60th minute - Raiders are at sixes and sevens, but Hodgson puts another deft kick to the goalposts, where RTS is forced to dive under the knees of Whitehead to save a try.

57th minute - On the last tackle, the Warriors move the ball right, but Fusitu'a's last pass to Pompey goes into touch. Another wasted opportunity.

56th minute - Keighran continues to trouble the Raiders, drawing a penalty just 20m out.

Play is halted, while the trainer exams Katoa for a head knock. He's got a golf ball on his cheek, after head clash with Tapine, who is also leaving for an HIA.

54th minute - Katoa charges strongly, but his pass goes loose. Whitehead is deemed to knock on.

53rd minute - Williams kicks long to RTS, who beats the first tackle.

52nd minute - Blair is back on the field and meets a wall of tacklers. Harris pushes off a tackler and Green kicks to Nicoll-Klokstad on the last.

51st minute - Green kicks early from behind his own 40. The ball flirts with a 40-20, but eventually bounces back infield.

49th minute - Raiders cross halfway on the fourth tackle and are starting to run rampant. Williams' high kick is taken by RTS.

47th minute - TRY to Simonsson

Blair spills the ball with the line in sight and Nicoll-Klokstad gathers to sprint 60m upfield. When his progress is halted, the ball moves left and Simonsson takes advantage of a four-one-one to score.

Croker hooks the conversion across the posts.

46th minute - Guler spills the ball on the Raiders 30, gifting good position to the Warriors.

44th minute - TRY to Soliola

Havili is stopped in the shadow of the posts and Hodgson puts a deft kick between RTS' legs, which Soliola dives on for the try. Croker converts. 

That's a crippling blow to the Warrior straight after halftime.

43rd minute - Cotric makes ground and the Warriors are penalised in the tackle. Burr won't return to the game, after failing an HIA, but Blair is warming up to return.

42nd minute - Williams kicks long on the last tackle, but RTS brings it out from his own line.

41st minute - After three halves of the NRL season, the Warriors have yet to score.

Keighran kicks off the second half.

40th minute - Green tries to slip a short pass to Vuniyayawa, but he spills it on his first touch, squandering another attacking opportunity. The siren sounds for halftime.

38th minute - Blair is tackled, but comes up clutching his head. Soliola is guilty of a high tackle, and is penalised and put on report.

Maumalo is also struggling.

37th minute - Williams finds touch on the last tackle, about 20m out.

36th minute - Keighran is dragged down just a metre out, but Green's crossfield kick is wasted, when Pompey bats it into touch.

35th minute - RTS tries to jink his way out of the 30, but draws a relieving penalty in the tackle.

34th minute - Havili makes a halfbreak and Hodgson finds touch on the last tackle.

32nd minute - RTS take an inside ball and sniffs a gap. Green's high kick is easily defused.

30th minute - Raiders move the ball right and have the Warriors flat-footed, but the final pass from Scott to Cotric is forward. Keighran requires tape to the head.

29th minute - Wighton looks dangerous running towards the line, but Fusitu'a dislodges the ball as he runs past. Warriors defensive scrum. Nikorima on for Egan.

27th minute - Good hands from the Warriors going right. Harris-Tavita puts up a high kick, but Cotric takes it well.

26th minute - Cotric splits the Warriors defence deep in his own territory and crosses halfway. He should set up Croker looming inside him, but instead swerves into his teammates path and goes down.

Cotric then looses the ball and Warriors have a chance to clear.

25th minute - Maumalo fields a long kick and makes metres. Taunoa-Brown on for the Warriors.

22nd minute - TRY to Whitehead

Green charges out of the defensive line and when Croker looks back inside, Whitehead has charged through the space for an untouched try. Croker converts.

21st minute - Papali'i replaces Ah Mau for the Warriors.

20th minute - Wighton puts up a high ball, but Pompey is safe, just metres from his own line.

19th minute - Katoa takes the ball on the charge and gets over the line, but cannot force it. From the restart, Harris spills the ball and the Warriors release the pressure.

18th minute - Raiders concede another penalty on the last tackle, really bailing the Warriors out, just metres from the line.

17th minuteGreen kicks to the posts on the last, but Raiders clear their line. Simonsson spills the ball in midfield and the Warriors have good position.

16th minute - Wighton kicks on the last, but Pompey fields and runs out of his own 20. Play stops, while Burr is treated for a bloody cut above the eye.

15th minute - On the last, Green puts a banana kick towards the posts, but Croker fields safely.

13th minute - Raiders on attack, but Wighton loses the ball in a tackle on the Warriors 30. Early completion rates are 4/7 for both teams.

12th minute - Blair is guilty of a losse carry in front of the posts and knocks on in the tackle.

11th minute - Raiders are penalised again in a tackle on Fusitu'a. It's kickable, but Egan takes a quick tap.

10th minute - Williams kicks on the last, taken by Maumalo. Green spots a half gap, Wighton takes him high and is penalised.

Warriors clear.

Ninth minute - RTS jinks left, but his pass goes astray and Raiders break out of defence.

Eighth minute - Lui drops the ball cold in midfield, gifting Warriors possession on halfway.

Sixth minute - Ball goes left and Keighran makes a half break.

Harris-Tavita puts a cross kick on the last, Croker takes the high ball and loses it on landing. Burr forces the loose ball, but a review rules Croker has tackled in the air. No try.

Fifth minute - On attack, Green kicks behind the Raiders line and Williams has nowhere to go. Raiders line dropout.

Fourth minute - Tapine cuts inside, but goes behind one of his men and is called for obstruction. Warriors draw a relieving penalty and survive their first challenge.

Third minute - Ball goes right on the last tackle and Scott put a kick behind the Warriors line. Maumalo is forced to kick it dead for a line dropout.

First minute - Raiders kick off and immediately, Ah Mau coughs up the ball in a tackle, deep inside his own 20. Not a good start at all.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the NZ Warriors' 'home' game against the Canberra Raiders, being played at CBus Stadium on the Gold Coast.

Yep, strange days indeed.

A week ago, we were bracing ourselves for the start of the Warriors' 2020 NRL campaign in rain-swept Newcastle, when our world changed moments before kick-off.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern imposed a 14-day isolation period for anyone arriving into New Zealand and suddenly, the Warriors were stranded in Australia, keeping their NRL season alive.

This week has been full of soul-searching and difficult decisions for players and families, but somehow, they must now put that behind them and galvanise to perform on the field against last season's beaten finalists.

On top of that, coach Stephen Kearney has had to improvise in the centres, where he lost Peta Hiku and Patrick Herbert, who returned to New Zealand on personal grounds, and reserve-grader Taane Milne to a season-ending knee injury.

But Adam Keighran actually played in the centres for Penrith Panthers reserves before joining the Warriors and was named in the 2018 Intrust Super Premiership NSW Team of the Year in that position.

Warriors: 1-Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, 2-Adam Pompey, 3-David Fusitu'a, 4-Adam Keighran, 5-Ken Maumalo, 6-Chanel Harris-Tavita, 7-Blake Green, 8-Leeson Ah Mau, 9-Wayde Egan, 10-Lachlan Burr, 11-Eliesa Katoa, 12-Tohu Harris, 13-Adam Blair

Interchange: 14-Kodi Nikorima, 15-Jamayne Taunoa-Brown, 16-Isaiah Papali'i, 17-King Vuniyayawa

Raiders: 1-Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad, 2-Bailey Simonsson, 3-Jarrod Croker, 4-Curtis Scott, 5-Nick Cotric, 6-Jack Wighton, 7-George Williams, 8-Josh Papalii, 9-Josh Hodgson, 10-Dunamis Lui, 11-Joseph Tapine, 12-Elliott Whitehead, 13-Corey Horsburgh

Interchange: 14-Siliva Havili, 15-Emre Guler, 16-Iosia Soliola, 17-Michael Oldfield

warriors team
Photo credit: Newshub.

'We're locked in': Warriors commit to remaining in NRL

NZ Warriors have committed to staying in Australia for the 2020 NRL season, chief executive Cameron Geroge has announced. 

On Friday, George said players and their families were happy to remain in Australia, despite the border controls restrictions imposed by the New Zealand and Australian governments, due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The border restrictions - brought in on Thursday - prevented all non-citizens or residents entering either New Zealand or Australia. 

There had been plans to fly families from New Zealand to serve a 14-day isolation period, but the rules now prevent that from happening for some family members. 

George said the Warriors had met to confirm their desire to stay in Australia and the group had decided to stay in the competition.

"The entire squad is locked in and ready to go," said George. "They understand the issues that different individuals have got on the table. 

"But they're sticking together... [the NRL] has called on us and we've stepped up to the task."

"If you were told to leave your family and live in another country for an indefinite period, not many would... we're very proud of the players."

The Warriors will continue to base themselves at Kingscliff, New South Wales, and will play Saturday's 'home game' against the Canberra Raiders at Cbus Super Stadium on the Gold Coast.

Where they play the rest of their home games is unknown.

"The deciding factor was that it's our time to be leaders in the community and rugby league," George added. "We're going to stand tall and be leaders, and take it on.

"These guys aren't falling away from the challenge ahead. Players had to borrow gear and adapt.

"Our players have been asked to relocate to another country - unplanned - and continue to play in the competition, away from their families.

"If that is the case, then we need to make sure they have everything that their normal lives provide them, as much as is possible."

The Warriors currently have 24 fit players in Australia - four of whom sit outside the club's top-30 NRL list - but have flown Agnatius Paasi, Jazz Tevaga, Josh Curran and Gerard Beale over. 

The quartet missed the season-opener against the Newcastle Knights with injuries and are currently in isolation, along with staff members. 

Patrick Herbert is also beleived to be in isolation and returned to Australia before the 9pm lockout.

Centre Peta Hiku remains in New Zealand, as he awaits the birth of his child, and it is unclear if he will meet requirements to travel to Australia.

Players were left in tears during a Saturday night meeting with NRL boss Todd Greenberg, where they agreed to remain in Australia to help the competition.

But Warriors forward Adam Blair told The Project that the news was "confronting", coming off a tough 20-0 loss to Newcastle. 

"We'd just played a game, we just had a tough loss in the first game of the season and we came straight into the sheds, and we started talking about not coming home. 

"After the game, it was quite confronting." 

On Wednesday, the Warriors announced their reserve-grade side had withdrawn from the Canterbury Cup, with play suspended until at least May 31.