Rugby: All Blacks' Jack Goodhue struggles for motivation during rugby hiatus

With  the nationwide lockdown set to have a major impact on the future of rugby in this country, our top players are also feeling the effects.

With home workouts now the norm and no replacement for the real thing, the game's absence is proving to have a major strain on player motivation.

And for All Blacks midfielder Jack Goodhue, it's hard to shake his competitive edge - even if it's merely playing Playstation against new wife Sophia. 

"I'm one of those guys who just goes really quiet when I'm playing," Goodhue told Newshub. "I'm not there to throw banter or chat - I'm there to win."

Goodhue married his long-term partner in a small ceremony last month, as planned, before the national lockdown came into effect. 

"It's like an extended honeymoon for us," he said.

But the extended break from rugby has the Crusaders midfielder itching. 

For the next four weeks at least, Goodhue's garage will be his gym and with no return to play on the horizon, he admits motivation is hard to come by.

"It can be quite tough, when you don't what the future looks like and training for the purpose of just training is a lot harder, when you don't have anything to prepare for."

His preparation was meant to be a four-peat with the Crusaders and losing that chance is a bitter pill to swallow.

"We're looking to go four in a row of course and to have that opportunity taken away is tough," he added. 

With the country in lockdown, Goodhue can't even do the one thing Crusaders coach Scott Robertson wanted him to.

"When he found out that I'd come down from Northland, he was so gutted that I actually wasn't a surfer."

When the lockdown ends, Goodhue will still have plenty of time to learn, as hopes of a Super Rugby return fade further each day.