Super Rugby 2020: Live updates - Chiefs v Hurricanes

[Live commentary has concluded]

Chiefs 24 - Hurricanes 27

Wrap: What a superb second half of the second half for the Hurricanes. With 18 minutes to go the Hurricanes had 14 men and a 10 point deficit. They dominated the final 15 minutes and deserved that win. 

80+4 - Penalty goal Hurricanes: Jordie Barrett - And he nails it! What a comeback win for the Caines. Second straight home loss for the Chiefs. 

80+2 - 36 phases from the Hurricanes ... went backwards. Eventually Sowakula is pinged for a late tackle and Barrett can win the game with a shot from 40m out. 

76mins - Chiefs look clueless with ball in hand. Eventually McKenzie with the mistake and the Hurricanes have a scrum 30m out - centre field. 

75mins - Turnover Chiefs and they work the ball out from inside their half.

74mins - Hurricanes with tbe turnover and work theor way up the park. On halfway now through eight phases. 

72mins - Goosen takes McKenzie in the air and that's a silly penalty. Chiefs clear through Cruden. 

70mins - Try Hurricanes: Asafo Aumua - That's well deserved. Lineout drive is rolling and Aumua breaks through the middle to score. Barrett ties the scores with the conversion. 24-24.

69mins - More great phase play from the Caines. 12 this time and they win another penalty with Weber pinged for not releasing. Lineout 5m for the Hurricanes. 

66mins - Barrett pushes it away to the right! Poor kick that. 

65mins - McKenzie takes in a high ball and swings a wide pass out to Alaimalo who is wrapt up by the defence. Peanlty Caines as Evans wins the turnover. Barrett to have another shot from in front. 

64mins - Great play from the Hurricanes. They power up to within 5m. Kirifi and Rakete-Stones with good runs. But Boshier gets a trademark turnover on the 11th phase and the Chiefs have a defensive penalty. 

62mins - Penalty goal Hurricanes: Jordie makes no mistake. Chiefs 24-17.

61mins - High tackle from ALB. Penalty in front for the Hurricanes and Barrett will have a shot in front.

58mins - Try Chiefs: Shaun Stevenson - Pressure tells. Chiefs going left to right through four phases. Cruden to ALB to Stevenson and who steps inside the defenceto score. Converted. Chiefs 24-14.

57mins - Lineout 10m for the Chiefs.

56mins - Yellow card Hurricanes: TJ Perenara - Alaimalo gets hammered by TJ. Shoulder to head is the contact but both players were low and he escapes with a yellow.

55mins - Try Chiefs: Tumua Manu - Chiefs steal the lineout through Ah Kuoi. Weber to Cruden who ghosts and offloads to Manu who beats Laumape and Barrett to scre under the dot. Chiefs 17-14.

54mins - Good clearing kick from McKenzie finds touch inside the Caines 22. 

52mins - Chiefs back over halfway and yet again they cough the ball up. Sowakula the culprit this time. 

50mins - Chiefs on the attack through seven phases and are looking good until Alaimalo knocks the ball on in space. Hurricanes clear through Perenara. 

49mins - Turnover at lineout for the Chiefs and Cruden angles a kick away to touch. Lineout Caines 30m out. 

48mins - Turnover penalty for the Hurricanes. Chiefs with ball in hand work back into Caines territory but McKenzie is pinged for holding on. Barrett finds touch on the Chiefs 22. 

44mins - Now it's the Chiefs who are denied! Barrett makes a little break but pops a horror pass that is intercepted by Stevenson who is away....Lam makes ground and eventually reels him in, inside ball from Stevenson and mcKenzie knocks the ball on with teh line begging. Scrum 10m for the Caines. 

41mins - Wow. Barrett denied a try by the TMO. High ball from Smith is dropped by Stevenson. Barrett toes it through and is in a race with McKenzie. looks like Barrett has grounded it. TMO says it's simultaneous so no try. That's a tough call - it looks like a try for mine. 

Second half kickoff - Cruden gets us back underway. 


40+6 - That's halftime! The Hurricanes hold firm. Wide ball comes out to Alaimalo but he spills a low pass. 

40+4 - More pressure for the Hurricanes. They are defending the pick 'n go well, but Kirifi is pinged for a no arms low tackle in front. Scrum Chiefs.

40+2 - Penalty for the Chiefs 5m out. Another lineout. 

40mins - Chiefs scrum as the hooter goes and they have a penalty 10m outsdie Hurricanes territory. Cruden finds touch 10m out - Great kick. 

38mins - Mistake by Walker-Leawere at the lineout and the Cheifs will have a scrum. 

37mins - Hurricanes working the ball upfield. Penalty for a high shot by Mitch Brown. Lineout for the Caines 40m out.

36mins - Hurricanes lineout on their own 22 now after some good defensive work from Laumape. 

33mins - Cruden grubbers inside the 22 and finds touch. Defensive lineout for the Caines on their own 5m. 

32mins - Chiefs through four phases and they will have another scrum with an unplayable ball in the midfield. 

31mins - Chiefs scrum on the Hurricanes 22. Poor exit play from the Hurricanes.

29mins - Try Hurricanes: Fletcher Smith - Good phase play from the Caines. Flanders does well to make 15m ..... three phases later and Smith beats Aidan Ross on the outside to score under the posts. Hurricanes 14-10.

27mins - McKenzie brings the ball back from a Barrett up and under - makes good ground but he's wrapped up in the tackle and that's a Hurricanes penalty. Lineout Caines 18m out. 

25mins - Barrett pushes it well wide. Dropout 22. 

24mins - Midfield penalty for the Hurricanes. Slowing down at the ruck. Barrett will have a shot from halfway. 

22mins - Try Chiefs: Lachlan Boshier - Rolling mall off the lineout takes the Chiefs within 5m. Sowakula goes close but is short. Boshier with the pick up and it looks like he is over. TMO says try. McKenzie sneaks in the conversion. Chiefs 10-7.

20mins - Midfield penalty for the Chiefs. 5m inside Hurricanes territory. Cruden with the touch finder - lineout for the Chiefs 10m out. 

19mins - McKenzie drags it slightly left - had the distance though. 

18mins - McKenzie will have another shot. 40m out this time but in front. Fraser Armstrong pinged for the same offence as Kirifi. 

17mins - Great clearing kick from McKenzie - Hurricanes lineout on theor own 22. 

16mins - Penalty goal Chiefs - McKenzie makes no mistake. Hurricanes 7-3.

15mins -Penalty for the Chiefs in front. Kirifi pinged for being off his feet at the ruck. Shot coming up. 

14mins - Perenara clears but only finds touch on the 22. 

13mins - McKenzie hits a gap and powers through a couple defenders - he offloads to Sowakula who knocks on. Scrum Hurricans inside their own 22. 

11mins - Attacking scrum for the Chiefs. Smith drops a high ball 30m out. 

9mins - Try Hurricanes: Ben Lam - Lineout for the Chiefs. off the top ball and Perenera hits a gap and is through....inside ball to Laumape who finds Barrett on the run - Barrett steps inside on his left foot, then passes out wide to a flying Ben Lam who scores untouched. Barrett nails it. Hurricanes 7-0.

8mins - Scrum turnover for the Caines .... Smith kicks and finds touch 10m out. 

6mins - Hurricanes looking to run through Jordie Barrett but he's hammered on halfway - Sam Cane is over the ball and that's a turnover for the Chiefs. Midfield scrum. 

5mins - Hurricanes work the ball short side - quick hands has Lam in a bit of space but the cover is there to force him over the sideline. 

3mins - Hurricanes attack in close - through 11 phases but the Chiefs defence holds. Another penalty is awarded. Coles opts for the scrum right in front. 

1min - McKenzie kicks down Barrett's throat and he runs back a good 40m untouched. Hurricanes on attack early and they have a penalty at the ruck. Barrett kicks for touch - lineout 10m for the Caines.

Kick-off - Pretty decent crowd in the Tron - Jaco Peyper says "let's play" and Fletcher Smith gets the game underway. 


Chiefs: 1-Aidan Ross, 2-Samisoni Taukei'aho, 3-Ross Geldenhuys, 4-Michael Allardice, 5-Mitchell Brown, 6-Lachlan Boshier, 7-Sam Cane, 8-Pita Gus Sowakula, 9-Brad Weber, 10-Aaron Cruden, 11-Solomon Alaimalo, 12-Anton Leinert-Brown, 13-Tumua Manu, 14-Shaun Stevenson, 15-Damian McKenzie

Reserves: 16-Bradley Slater, 17-Atunaisa Moli, 18-Reuben O'Neill, 19-Naitoa Ah Kuoi, 20-Mitchell Karpik, 21-Lisati Milo Harris, 22-Kaleb Trask, 23-Alex Nankivell

Hurricanes: 1-Fraser Armstrong, 2-Dane Coles (c), 3-Ben May, 4-James Blackwell, 5-Isaia Walker-Leawere, 6-Devan Flanders, 7-Du'Plessis Kirifi, 8-Gareth Evans, 9-TJ Perenara (cc), 10-Fletcher Smith, 11-Ben Lam, 12-Ngani Laumape, 13-Vince Aso, 14-Kobus Van Wyk, 15-Jordie Barrett

Reserves: 16-Asafo Aumua, 17-Pouri Rakete-Stones, 18-Alex Fidow, 19-Scott Scrafton, 20-Vaea Fifita, 21-Jamie Booth, 22-Billy Proctor, 23-Wes Goosen.

Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Super Rugby match between the Chiefs and Hurricanes live from FMG Stadium in Hamilton.

TAB Odds: Chiefs $1.38, Hurricanes $3.05. 

Pre-match chat: NZ Super Rugby fixtures to go ahead as planned 

New Zealand Rugby has confirmed this weekend's Super Rugby fixtures will go ahead as planned, despite the growing concerns around the rapid spread of coronavirus.

The NZR consulted with SANZAAR, Eden Park, FMG Stadium and the Ministry of Health

on Friday afternoon, before confirming that the round seven matches will continue as normal.

The games that were in question are the Chiefs v Hurricanes match at FMG Stadium Waikato in Hamilton tonight, and the Blues v Lions match at Eden Park on Saturday.

"We are closely monitoring what’s happening in other sporting codes around the world but are taking our advice from the New Zealand Government," a statement said.

"The safety of our players, fans and stakeholders is our paramount consideration and we will continue to work closely with the New Zealand Government, SANZAAR, and our Investec Super Rugby clubs to monitor what is a fast-moving situation.

"We advise any rugby fans who are feeling unwell to follow Ministry of Health guidelines and stay away from mass gatherings."

Rugby Australia is also meeting on Friday afternoon to discuss the possibility of canncelling this weekend's games.

The Crusaders are scheduled to play the Sunwolves in Brisbane on Saturday, a fixture shifted from Tokyo because of the outbreak of Covid-19.

The Reds host the Bulls at Suncorp Stadium following the Crusaders v Sunwolves clash in a double-header.