UFC 248: Israel Adesanya meets match in title defence build-up

  • 06/03/2020

Regardless of Sunday's result in the Octagon, Kiwi UFC champion Israel Adesanya has already been knocked to the canvas in the lead-up to his middleweight title defence against Cuban Yoel Romero.

During public workouts in Las Vegas, Adesanya invited two fans from the crowd to test their kicking ability, while he held the pads. The winner would be the one judged to have the hardest kick.

"It's not about size, it's not about muscle, it's about technique," he declared. "I want to see who has the most efficient, hardest kick."

After taking five from the first contestant, Adesanya was confronted by Jordan from Hawaii, who snapped a series of crisp volleys at the titleholder.

"He might have you beat, bro," Adesanya warned the first candidate, Amir.

Jordan's fifth kick sent the champ tumbling to the deck and after dusting himself off, Adesanya had found his winner.

For their efforts, both won tickets to the fight, scheduled for Sunday afternoon (NZ time).

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