Basketball: Former Breakers star RJ Hampton staying strong in face of NBA Draft delay

NBA teams are uniting to have the June 25 Draft date pushed back to at least the start of August, after the league forced all clubs to cancel workouts with eligible players, due to COVID-19.

That means former Breakers guard RJ Hampton's shot at the NBA bigtime will have to wait a little longer.

Like most sporting leagues across the globe, the future of the NBA is in jeopardy, after it suspended its season a month ago.

The paperwork's been cleared and it's official, but when Hampton is set to become an NBA player remains the great unknown.

"I just never know when I'm going to get drafted or when the draft's going to happen," Hampton told Newshub. "What's keeping my mind fresh is I know that before the next season starts, I'll be drafted."

The NBA went into full lockdown, when Utah Jazz centre Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus and 15 players across eight teams have since contracted the virus.

"The gym that I was preparing for the draft in and the rehab facility I was going to just closed down, so I have to find my own way," says Hampton.

Media outlets in the US have him going anywhere between the fourth and 17th pick.

Wherever he lands, former Breakers boss Matt Walsh knows the 19-year-old will be remaining cool.

"Whether it's top five or top 10 is yet to be decided," Walsh told Newshub. "But I don't think it's going to affect him too greatly."

Despite pre-draft workouts being postponed, Hampton's still eager to show NBA teams what he's made of.

"Seeing all the hard work that you put in finally getting closer and closer to being paid off is really a dream come true," Hampton added.

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