Boxing: Joseph Parker v Junior Fa looking unlikely due to money negotiations

A potential Kiwi heavyweight blockbuster between Joseph Parker and Junior Fa seems to be off the cards, and not due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Money seems to be the determining factor, with Parker revealing to Stephen McIvor on Magic Talk that Fa's camp "priced themselves out".

Newshub understands that Fa's camp was lowballed during negotiations, as they were pushing for 33 percent of the $3 million fight purse.

Parker's promoter David Higgins previously named Fa as a "sensible, realistic option" with both fighters currently ranked inside the top six of the WBO - Parker second and Fa sixth. 

"It was in talks and there were discussions," Parker told Magic Talk.

"I said to my team if it is going to get me closer to a title, I will take it in a heartbeat, but they asked for too much money and they priced themselves out."  

"We had four fights as amateurs, I don't have anything against him, and we're both top 10 fighters.

"If we did fight, I wouldn't be nervous, but the winner will get closer to a world title and the loser it would be the end of their career. " 

Parker has fought once this year, scoring a TKO win over American Shawndell Winters last month, and the 28-year-old was hopeful of fighting at least two more times in 2020. 

In the last two years Parker's only fought five times, and just twice in the last year. 

But the longer the COVID-19 crisis goes on, the longer Parker will have to wait to return to the ring. 

However, the Kiwi  is determined he'll be ready to fight whenever things ease up, as he's working out everyday in his gym in south Auckland.

"You can't change what has happened, 2020 is going to be a slow year for everyone. 

"I'm lucky to have fought at the start of the year, but the goal for our team was to keep fighting, we were planning for three-four fights. 

"I'm keeping active at home, my weight is good and that's why I'm happy. When this is all over, and I get a call to fight someone I'll be ready."

Parker said he has started to take training more seriously in a bid to become world champion for a second time. 

"At the beginning of my career, I was winning my fights but I wasn't doing the right things during camp, I was mucking around and just having fun," he told Magic Talk.

"Last year was the first time in my career I took my training seriously and back in New Zealand. 

"Every time I was going into camp, I was heading in trying to lose weight, get into shape and fight. 

"Against Anthony Joshua, I went into camp 123kg, and got down to 107, but If I went in at 110kg I would spend more time throwing punches and learning combinations instead of focusing on losing weight."

Parker usually trains in Las Vegas, so he's enjoying his time back in New Zealand with his family. 

"When i'm in Vegas, i'm away from my family, so this is like a camp with my family. I'm spending lots of time with the kids and different activities to keep them occupied. 

"My partner loves it, I do get annoying sometimes but she loves having me home. Family time and happiness is key."