Coronavirus: Golf greenkeepers return to work after COVID-19 closure

Greenkeepers around the country were back to work on Tuesday, after the Government's decision to allow turf maintenance.

The greens are getting back into shape, but the shape of golf's business model will still take a massive hit.

"It's been a long time coming," Clearwater Golf Club greenkeeper Ryan Adams told Newshub.  

"We didn't know what we were going to expect or even if we were going to get back out here, so it felt great."

Precautious pre-lockdown spraying and dry conditions meant Adams' greens are in fairly good order, but it won't be the same everywhere.

"I'd expect quite a bit of disease, especially in the North Island. We're a bit luckier down here… we've got cooler temperatures and not so much humidity.

While golf clubs are now able to keep their key asset in order, for many, the business side of things is still very much up in the air due to COVID-19.

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