Coronavirus: Liverpool back down from furloughs amid public pressure

English football's seen as being out of touch with the public, as the country grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic.

A collective pay deal has broken down without resolution, with players refusing to agree to the Premier League's proposed 30 percent pay cut.

But Liverpool has bowed to public pressure, reversing its decision to apply to the British government's taxpayer-funded job retention scheme, amid a fierce backlash from club legends.

"I'm delighted that they changed their mind," ex-Liverpool player Jamie Carragher told Sky Sport UK.

"They had to change their mind, there's no doubt about that. I'm glad they saw sense"

While the u-turn is welcomed, the original decision is still expected to leave a bitter taste, in light of the Premier League leaders' £42 million profit last year.

"It embarrassed Liverpool supporters throughout the country," Carragher continued.

"Manchester United, Man City, Everton supporters that's all you've been getting all the time now almost laughing at Liverpool"

But it's not just the European champions who haven't been able to read the room, according to Man Utd great Gary Neville

"It's symptomatic of football's approach in the last three weeks that they're not in any shape or form capturing the public's mood," Neville told Sky Sport UK.

"There needs to be a collective deal from the Premier League that suits all stakeholders in the game. It can't just suit themselves because the players won't be bullied"

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