Coronavirus: National sporting organisations embracing governments help

The government is assuring grassroots sport that help is on the way as they grapple with the loss of millions of dollars from gaming machines.

Sport Minister Grant Robertson today announced organisations would be guaranteed their Sport NZ funding through to June 202 to ensure they remain viable through the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 has crippled the sporting world with entire seasons cancelled and future plans now thrown out it has left a massive financial hole

Today, national sporting organisations received a handout from the government. 

"It is important that we have certainty and continuity for those sporting organisations," Robertson said. 

"This is a period of time where we can't expect sporting organisations to meet their key performance indicators"

Basketball New Zealand, in particular, has felt the COVID-19 pinch, their national funding has dried up with less TAB activity.

"In a time of great uncertainty it is really great to have some certainty," Basketball NZ chief executive told Newshub. 

But the financial hole hasn't narrowed completely, national sporting organisations receive around 150 million dollars from Class 4 gambling, or pokie machines, they are now out of action. 

"That's the big question for all sport at the moment, machines are down and just how soon they get up and running I don't know," NZ Cricket chief executive David White said. 

But It's at the grassroots where that revenue is needed the most and Robertson is assuring them more help is on the way.

"We've got a focus here on all ends of the spectrum, we certainly understand the impact it's having on community sport for that gaming trust funding."

"Most of our members have gone into some form of hibernation," Potter added.

The government's handout will also protect high-performance athletes.

Their funding through to the now 2021 Tokyo Olympics is guaranteed ensuring a smooth road to sport's biggest showpiece.