Coronavirus: What does level-three lockdown mean for athletes?

A level-four lockdown has forced many athletes into their homes and further away from their goals, but if you thought level three might change that, it'll still be difficult.

For many, training is simply an outlet that helps them in their darkest times.

Serenity amongst the uncertainty. For many, that's a lifeline they need right now, but in a cruel twist, it's out of bounds. 

"That was quite hard to get my head around, especially when we saw surfers and we were thinking, 'why can't i get out there too'," laments ocean swimmer Bronwen Burmester.

She knows all too well the joy swimming brings, after watching son Moss Burmester win gold at the Commonwealth Games and then take on legend Michael Phelps in the Beijing Olympic butterfly final. 

But that shared love of the water is one Bronwen relies on, usually swimming four kilometres a day.  

"The last 10 years, I've had some challenging depression and anxiety," she told Newshub. 

"I've always loved swimming in the ocean and that's how I manage that." 

Even New Zealand's toughest triathletes know that feeling all too well.

But even when we downgrade to a level-three lockdown, what that means for exercise is not exactly clear. 

There's no mention of so far if the likes of ocean swimming, surfing or mountain biking will be allowed.

What is certain is that gyms will be closed, swimming pools too, which for some means finding new and creative ways to train towards goals. 

"I've been able to do yoga by Zoom, and my husband and I do beach walking and staying in our bubble," says Burmester.

Staying at home to save lives, but for some, that means facing a battle of their own. 

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