Coronavirus: Women's Cricket World Cup in NZ facing postponement - Brendon McCullum

Blackcaps great Brendon McCullum has supported claims that the ICC Women's World Cup in New Zealand next year will be postponed.

On Wednesday, Newshub reported contingency planning was already underway to push the February event to later in 2021 and a decision could be made this week. 

Speaking to Sky Sport UK's 'Cricket Podcast', McCullum says the domino effect of delaying the Indian Premier League into October would push the men's T20 World Cup into early 2021, likely supplanting the NZ-based tournament.

"I think the IPL will try and target that October window, and the T20 World Cup will get pushed back," McCullum says.

"That may mean the Women's World Cup [set for New Zealand in February] gets pushed back, but hopefully we get to see all three tournaments operate."

Newshub understands postponement of the T20 World Cup is almost certain.

McCullum believes the IPL would be able to withstand the financial impact of no crowds better than the T20 World Cup, where the logistics involved in running the global tournament under COVID-19 conditions would be untenable.

"For Australia to move 16 international teams, plus all their support staff and then broadcasters, seems a bridge too far. I can't see them playing the T20 World Cup behind closed doors either.

"There may be a window a bit later in the new year of 2021, which could then open up a window for the IPL [in October and November].

"The ICC and world cricket need crowds to operate, but India can probably sustain things commercially behind closed doors, because they are going to get so many eyeballs."

On Wednesday, the ICC confirmed it was "exploring all options available to us based on a range of scenarios connected to the pandemic".

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