Football Australia boss casts doubt over the survival of several A-League clubs

Ufuk Talay congratulates one of his players
Ufuk Talay congratulates one of his players Photo credit: Getty

The future of the A-League is in doubt after FFA chief executive James Johnson admitted he is unsure if all 11 clubs will survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the NRL has been gun-h0 in its attempts to get back on the park, the A-League hasn't even contemplated a resumption date, with the season in serious jeopardy of being written off. 

While the governing body maintains hope the remaining rounds can be plagued in a suitable time frame that assists in the survival of the clubs, Johnson isn't making any promises.

"Do I think that all the clubs will make it through? I think that's too early to say at the moment," Johnson told AAP.

"But I am confident that the league will start again soon so naturally the clubs should be able to get through. All clubs should be able to get through."

Since the league was suspended at the end of March, seven of the 11 clubs have stood down players and staff.

New Zealand club, the Wellington Phoenix are expected to announce some player and potential staff disruptions later this week. 

Unlike the NRL, Johnson is refusing to put a set date on the A-League's resumption.

The complicated world of football's global transfer windows and doubts over the future of international travel makes the A-League situation far more complex than its rugby league counterpart. 

"Player health and safety and then the logistical issues with state and federal border restrictions need to be softened so that we're able to get the sport going," he said.

"These are really the primary issues for us, as soon as they can be resolved we'll be back on the pitch."