Football: FIFA medical chief urges caution over football league restarts

The French first division has become the latest major European football league to abandon its season as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and FIFA medical chief Michel D'Hooghe believes the Premier League should follow suit.

The French Government has placed a ban on all sporting events until September, bringing Ligue 1 to a premature end.

Dutch Eredivisie has already been called off, but other major European leagues are still hoping to restart.

German Bundesliga clubs are preparing for a potential return next month and the Spanish government is allowing La Liga teams back to training next week.

But the chairman of world football's medical committee has urged leagues to put health first.

"It's not a matter of money, it's a matter of life and death," says D'Hooghe.

"I ask everybody to be very, very careful before starting again competitions in the different nations."

The English Premier League is targeting a return in June, but D'Hooghe can't see that happening while social distancing rules are in place in the UK.

"You can not play the Premier League when the players are obliged to remain two metres each one from another."

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