Home self-test kits - The future of drug testing in sports?

The boss of Drug Free Sport New Zealand is praising an American initiative to help continue drug testing during lockdown.

Fifteen American athletes are trialling a self-testing drug kit, and one of them believes it could be the future of testing.

From urine containers, to blood testing kits and pre-paid postage bags, the self-test kit has everything athletes need to test themselves while conventional methods remain impossible under lockdown.

Three-time Olympian Ryan Murphy will use it to drug test himself over the next month.

"I do hope they learn a ton from this and potentially this could be the future of drug testing," Murphy told Newshub.

He said the fact athletes can't be tested is a concern, a sentiment the boss of Drug Free Sport NZ agrees with.

"There's a window of opportunity now for athletes if they wish to start doping but frankly we know the vast vast majority of Kiwi athletes aren't doping," said Nick Paterson.

No Kiwi athlete has been tested since the nation went into alert level four, but Paterson warned it will resume as soon as people are permitted to move outside of their bubble.

Regardless, he's keeping a keen eye on the trial in America.

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