Netball: Mainland Tactix season ticket holders unlikely to be offered refunds

Netball: Mainland Tactix season ticket holders unlikely to be offered refunds
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Tactix fans could miss out on ticket refunds following the voluntary liquidation of Netball Mainland.

The unprecedented financial pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic has left the netball franchise in turmoil and their consumers in limbo.

Season ticket holders for netball's ANZ Premiership have been offered partial or full refunds by the other clubs, but with the future of the Canterbury-based side in doubt, local fans may also be hit in the pocket. 

Head of research for Consumer magazine, Jessica Wilson, told Stuff, Tactix fans are unlikely to see much, if any of their investment back.

Wilson said when a company such as Netball Mainland goes into liquidation, "customers" become "unsecured creditors".

"Any money left over after secured creditors - IRD, banks - have been paid, they [fans] may get some money back," she said. 

"Or they may not get any money back."

Netball NZ's head of events Kate Agnew said a decision on refunds has yet to be set in stone, as they work through the process with creditors and Mainland Netball officials. 

"It's far too early to give any definitive information around the specific memberships," she told Stuff. 

"When we get more clarity on that we will consider how we support that."

Agnew said ticket holders for other franchises have been offered refunds, depending on the level of membership they hold.

"There are also other benefits that get offered to members - gifts, merchandise - that come in addition to that [a season ticket]," she said.

"The level of refund is based on how much of the benefits they've delivered."  

Fans with individual tickets to games should go directly back to where they purchased them from, Agnew said.