Coronavirus has caused a global pandemic, and with it, most sporting leagues across all codes and around the globe have been forced to stop, taking away live sport for all the lovers of sport.

If your'e like us here at Newshub Sport, it will have left a big spot in your life that's empty, what do you miss the most about live sport?

Here's how we feel about it.

Michael O'Keeffe (Newshub sport reporter)

I just miss having something to watch on TV. Without sport, I’m lost at night, so lost I’ve resorted to watching Married at First Sight Australia.

But it’s been pretty good. Can you believe Connie keeps saying "stay" while Jonathan has wanted to leave for the past three weeks?! What about Hayley, what a nasty piece of work she is. Where did she get her reality stardom? A cereal box? And as a barber you would have thought Steve would have done the decent thing and cut his relationship with Mishel a long time. It's clear he's just leading her on.

Anyway, Entertainment, do you need another reporter?

Andrew Gourdie (Newshub sport presenter)

I miss the chat. The daily discussion with friends, family, and colleagues about everything that happened on the field, and what should be happening off it.

Did you see that?

He can’t do that!

She is unbelievable!

What did you make of that?

Sport is an escape for most people. But nothing has escaped the impact of this awful virus. Hoping for a comeback to rival Man United at the Nou Camp in 99.

Grant Chapman (Newshub online sports editor)

Fantasy NBA playoffs… fantasy anything, for that matter

With the NBA regular season entering its stretch run, most fantasy fans were either battling for playoff spots, jostling for lottery draft positions or raiding waiver wires for next season's keepers.

Everyone was sweating on which version of Jusuf Nurkic would emerge from his 12-month injury absence, while those who stashed Zion Williamson for much of the season were starting their late run for the championship.

Those that drafted Kyrie Irving for a second consecutive underperforming campaign were making a mental note - never again - while those who had written off 'King' James as past his prime were no doubt rueing that decision as well.

After starting the season a combined 9-9 across two of my (four) leagues, I had gone unbeaten since Christmas (18-0) in both, with another winning week looming, and was licking my lips for the playoffs. 

Whammo! All that careful manoeuvring seems to be for nothing now.

The best that can happen now is we're back online for Fantasy NFL, sigh :-(

George Berry (Newshub sport reporter)

It was a picturesque bluebird afternoon in Christchurch when I read on my phone that Utah Jazz Centre Rudy Gobert had tested positive for Coronavirus. In fact, I was at the local fruit and vege shop which is always a pleasant experience, but I knew that this news was going to have far greater implications on the NBA and potentially sour my shop. And sure enough, before I'd even got across the other side of the shop to stock up on mandarins, the NBA season was postponed. Three minutes was all it took. I was and still am, pretty gutted.

I was extremely fortunate to be going to the United States in May for a month, and while there I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to tick 'go to an NBA game' off my bucket list. It would've been around the time of the Conference Finals too, and being in LA, I potentially could've watched a Lakers vs Clippers showdown. Perhaps the Basketball Gods have something more exciting planned for me?! There will come a time where this will get ticked off the bucket list, but for now- safety and getting my '5 plus a day' will have to suffice!

Luke Robinson (Newshub sport digital producer)

Live sport is the best thing in the world, I miss it all, the excitement, the buzz, not knowing what will happen, the unscripted drama is what I live for.

Like most Kiwis, I miss the punt, there's nothing like studying a fixture in the build-up to the weekend, how's the game going to go? Who will win? By how much? And adding it to the multi for the weekend.

There's nothing live sport and I want it back ASAP.

Nicky Styris (Newshub sport presenter)

Sport is not just about the competition it’s a way of life. I miss the anticipation of watching; I miss the excitement and joy of seeing the clubs I support win.

I miss the emotions - the highs and lows that flow when you’re emotionally invested in a sport.

I miss watching my daughter play her school sport. The development of skill and the joy from succeeding.

I miss the social element that sport brings. Hanging out with my mates watching and talking sport.

Finally I really miss my job. I’m passionate about reporting on sport. I love telling people’s stories and I miss the banter with my work colleagues.

I can only hope it comes back soon

Ben Francis (Newshub sport digital producer)

Short answer everything!

For most of us, our lives revolve around sport, from the game-day routines to the post-game camaraderie and everything in between.

Then you have the game day routine, eating the same foods, wearing the same clothing, to the celebration/commiseration afterwards.

But more importantly, I miss the escape from life and the world sport gives you, and during such a tough, tricky time, sport is being missed more than ever right now.

And we can't forget the geeky fantasy side of sport too

Ollie Ritchie (Newshub sport reporter)

A few things I miss here. The thrill of live sport is like nothing else. It takes you on such a ride, the ups and downs and it's such an exciting thing to follow.

Your team winning, your mate's team losing, implications every result seems to have on another team, it just takes you on a journey. And I think that's why people love sport, and ultimately what people like myself miss about it. Every game is different, its implications far-reaching, but at the end of the day, there is nothing quite like sitting down with a beer and some takeaways and watching your favourite team on a Friday or Saturday night.

Oh, and the ability to punt. it just adds another layer of excitement to the match.. Belarusian Football just isn't the same.