NRL 2020: New Zealand Warriors confirm exemption application is with Australian border security

NZ Warriors have confirmed their application for entry into Australia. 

The NRL is set to announce full details of what the revamped season will look like on Thursday, with or without the New Zealand club.

The Australian government has implemented strict border controls, with no guarantee the Warriors will be granted an exemption into New South Wales, where they hope to be based. 

Speaking to Newshub, chief executive Cameron George says regardless of what the NRL announces later this week, their fate is in the hands of Australian immigration. 

"Our application is sitting before the border security of Australia, and we are waiting to see if we get an exemption into Australia and what that looks like," George told Newshub.

"There is a lot of water to go under the bridge before we can confirm our position in the comp. 

"If we don't get that [exemption], then clearly we can't go.

"Once we work out all the other details, then great, but there is nothing bigger at the moment than getting exemption into Australia."

George also confirms the club has raised several issues with NRL executives, including an isolation period, training facilities and housing, but until it gets the all-clear to enter Australia, those matters are irrelevant. 

"We are waiting on the NRL to undertake a series of meetings over the next couple of days.

"There is no use considering the detail around what a new competition looks like, until we find out if we can gain access into Australia.

"They [players] are committed to the cause, and endeavouring to get to Australia and do the absolute best for their fans. 

"However, they will not be leaving these shores until we have all the appropriate information to confirm a number of outstanding matters, including exemption."

The Warriors are winless through the first two rounds, with points to be carried through to the revamped season.