NRL 2020: NZ Warriors' opening round losses won't be wiped in new competition

The NRL has reportedly confirmed that the Warriors won't have their opening-round losses erased, when the revamped competition format resumes.

The NZ side were comfortably beaten by the Newcastle Knights and the Canberra Raiders in the first two rounds of the season, before the competition was suspended, due to coronavirus concerns.

As part of the planning for a rejigged competition - dubbed 'Project Apollo' - ARL commissioner Wayne Pearce said it would consider wiping the slate clean with points from the first two weeks.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, that idea is now "off the table".

"After a discussion between NRL chairman Peter V’landys and Project Apollo boss Wayne Pearce, it's been decided stripping clubs of any points they have earned in the first two rounds won’t be an option," SMH tweeted. 

"It’s off the table."

On Tuesday morning, Pearce indicated he'd reversed his stance on the matter.

"My personal view is when we get the competition up and running again, we should carry the results from the opening two rounds," Pearce told Fox Sports.

"Players have worked extremely hard all off-season and clubs have lost players to injuries in those opening two games."

The new tournament format, which would likely consist of two conferences, will have its structure finalised at a commission meeting on April 21.

The first game of round three would be played on May 28, after a four-week pre-season.