Tennis: Kiwi doubles ace Michael Venus counts cost of cancelled Wimbledon

New Zealand doubles No.1 Michael Venus is preparing for the possibility of no international tennis this year.

For the first time since the Second World War, Wimbledon has been cancelled and the growing coronavirus pandemic is making it increasingly likely the two remaining Grand Slams will follow suit.

"Playing Wimbledon is definitely one of the highlights of the year," Venus told Newshub. "It's disappointing."

For someone like Venus, the Grand Slams are tournaments where he can make significant money.

He pocketed nearly NZ$250,000 when he made the final in 2018 and not having that opportunity this year hurts. 

But the prospect of no more tennis at all could hurt even more.

Venus. Photo credit: Photosport

"I think people travelling, especially like tennis players do, we're jumping countries all the time. 

"Potentially, [tennis] could be one of the last things that almost gets going."

Venus said he wouldn't be surprised if countries took a cautious approach to opening their borders again.

That could result in a further extension to the current tour suspension date of July 13, which would put the US Open in August under threat, along with the French Open a month later. 

"The top players... they make a lot of money, they'll be fine," two-time Wimbledon doubles winner Jamie Murray told Newshub.

"But obviously players further down the rankings, they won't be earning, which is not ideal obviously."

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