Tokyo Olympics: Kiwi rowing veteran Emma Twigg eyes Games swansong

The one-year delay to the Tokyo Olympics is nothing, but a bonus for Kiwi rower Emma Twigg.

After the disappointment of her 2016 Rio campaign - where she finished fourth in the single sculls by a razor-thin margin for the second consecutive Games - a heartbroken Twigg took a two-year hiatus from the sport to reset and reassess.

She ultimately decided to set her sights on Japan and the postponement due to the coronavirus epidemic means - rejuvenated from her break from the water -  she now has an additional year to build back to peak form.

"If I'd known this was going to be a three-year cycle rather than a two-year, I'd have thought that was fantastic," Twigg told Newshub.

"That's the way I've got to look at it… it's one more year to be better and everyone else has got that opportunity to make gains as well.

"My break has allowed me to freshen up and has given me a renewed love for the sport.

"It's exciting and looking back, I'm so pleased that I had those two years to regather."

The delay also means that Tokyo - her fourth Olympics - could become her career swansong.

The 33-year-old, who won gold at the 2014 world champs and silver last year, had aimed to do one more year of competition after the Olympics, which now aligns with the Games themselves.

"It's a little bit ironic, because now it means I could potentially finish on an Olympic campaign, rather than one more year afterwards," Twigg noted.

"So not a lot has changed in my mind, other than how we prepare for this next year and the next few months, at least."

For now, Twigg is trying to keep active during the lockdown, ensuring there's plenty of DIY and baking, alongside the requisite fitness demands.

"Who knows what the next year will bring. You just have to roll with it and ride it out, and make the most of a pretty average situation."