Wellington swimmer turns marathon runner for good cause

While many are coming to terms with being kept up inside during the national lockdown, a Wellington man has far bigger goals for the four-week period.

Jedi Janes is using the lockdown - and only the lockdown - to train for a marathon. This means he's having to improvise on how he trains for the 42 kilometres.

The rules while in lockdown prevent him from going any further than his bubble.

"I could tell you how many trees there are in Thorndon at the moment," he told Newshub.

Those rules would be fine for casual exercise, but Janes isn't using lockdown for casual exercise - he's using it to train for a marathon.

"I thought, 'well we're in a bit of a pickle here, we're all stuck inside our houses' so I thought I may as well lift peoples' spirits and make people feel a little better," he told Newshub.

Janes isn't a runner, he's a swimmer and his lockdown is his only training period. The odds, he admits, may not be in his favour.

"I think I'm absolutely screwed, it's gonna be a slow one that's for sure, there's gonna be no pace," he added.

But this run isn't about speed, and it's not even about Janes.

The run is about helping those who need it most - Janes will be doing it to raise money for foodbanks in the Wellington region.

"I heard them do a massive callout for money and donations and I thought well what better way to help than to run a marathon," Janes told Newshub.

But to run it, Janes figures it'll require more than just laps of his house.

"A lot of dry land stuff - well what I consider dry land - so some push-ups and some squats and some sit-ups."

Janes plans to use Wellington's Oriental Parade as his marathon course. He has no set time in mind but that doesn't mean there's no incentive.

"They [his mates] said if I run it in under six hours they'll each buy me a case [of beer]," he told Newshub.