WWE WrestleMania 36 - Live updates, April 5 show

[Live commentary has concluded] - Live updates Monday from 11am of part two

2:04pm - That's a wrap for today's portion of the card. That last match was produced superbly by WWE production. It was unique and fun to watch. John Cena v Bray Wyatt tomorrow is set to be a similar type production. Until then I will see you later. 

Boneyard match: The Undertaker v AJ Styles 
The Undertaker wins at 35:00

1:58pm - Taker hops in the bulldozer and dumps pounds and pounds of dirt onto AJ ...effectively killing him i guess. Where's the cops at? A man was just murdered. AJ's hand is sticking out the grave. Taker hops on his bike and rides off into the night as the show comes to an end. 

1:56pm - AJ pleads for Taker not to bury him.... Taker walks off but then turns around and boots him into the grave. 

1:55pm - Taler lifts AJ over his shoulder, carrying him to the edge of the grave. AJ says "I'm sorry" ...Taker tells him to "go out like a man".

1:53pm - Taker picks up AJ and chokeslams him from the roof onto the wooden crates below. 

1:52pm - Taker nails AJ with a big boot .... they are on the roof of a barn. Taker lands the Tombstone piledriver.

1:50pm - AJ breaks a shovel over the back of Taker that knocks him into the dug grave. Styles hops in a bulldozer full if dirt .... but Taker magically appears behind him in a a moment of cheese. Taker kicks AJ off the bulldozer and chases after him.

1:48pm - Styles spears Taker through a wooden fence then starts talking trash. "You're nothing, you're nowbidy, you're washed up". Taker gives AJ the bird but kicks in the guts for his troubles. AJ calls Taker a "broken down old bitch"

1:44pm - Taker makes easy work of the druids before Anderson and Gallows attack and get the upperhand. Anderson looks to nail Taker with a shovel but Taker fights both of them off and nails them with it. AJ from behind with a headstone that breaks in half. Taker is out. 

1:43pm - Some spooky music is playing in the background. Taker dumps AJ in a pre-dug grave before AJ's buddies Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows arrive with some druids surrounding Taker. Weird. 

1:40pm - This is kinda weird. It's a scene like The Walking Dead when Negan went cray cray with the baseball bat. Undertaker is beating the crap out of AJ, throwing him all around the set.

1:37pm - Undertaker's gong rings out as a hearse approaches a graveyard. AJ Styles is in a coffin to take the piss out of the Deadman. Undertaker makes his way to the "site" on a Harley as a throwback to his" American Bad Ass" days. This looks like a scene from a movie.

1:34pm - Next up the main event of part 1 of WrestleMania 36 - The Undertaker v AJ Styles in a Boneyard match. I have no idea what to expect on what this match will look like, but the rumours are it has been heavilt produced from a graveyard. 

1:33pm - Great opportunity now for Strowman to be a dominant champion - here's hoping WWE creative gets behind him and books him strongly.

WWE Universal Championship - Goldberg (C) v Braun Strowman
Braun Strowman via pinfall at 2:10

1:28pm - Goldberg looks for the Jackhammer but Strowman turns it into his running powerslam...he lands two more and gets the pin to win his fist major WWE heavyweight title!

1:27pm - Strowman looks for the running powerslam but Goldberg reverses into a spear followed by two more for a two count.

1:25pm - Don't expect this to go very long.

1:24pm - Strowman replaces Roman Reigns who withdrew because of concerns for his health .... Reigns is a cancer survivor and didn't want to risk the potential of catching cornavirus. Yes Goldberg is the same Goldberg who ruled WCW from 1997 through 2000.

1:20pm - To the back now and Charly Caruso is with Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar's advocate, who says in 24 hours Lesnar is going to destroy Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship.

1:16pm - We cut back to Gronk and his mate Mojo Rawley at the hosts desk ... the hype tomorrow's action before R-Truth jumps in....his gimmick is he is the dumbest human on the planet. Gronk kicks Truth, looks for the pinfall (Truth is the 24/7 champ), but Mojo pulls him off and gets the pinfall himself to win the belt, before running off calling Gronk a "playboy". Gronk looks pissed.

Seth Rollins v Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens via pinfall 17:20

1:14pm - Owens hits Rollins with the stunner and that's enough for a three-count. Good match. 

1:11pm - Owens fights back nailing Rollins twice with the ring bell. Owens heads to the top of the WrestleMania sign and lands a huge elbow onto Rollins who ws on the announce table! Awesome. 

1:10pm - Rollins with a steel chair now and nails Owens with a couple of shots .... Rollins tells Owens he is a "fat piece of crap" and he will do whartever he wants to him. 

1:09pm - Flying knee lands for Rollins that sends Owens to the outside. Rollins throws Owens into the guard rail. Rollins picks up the steel steps and nails Owens with them. 

1:07pm - Owens calls Rollins a "little bitch" and challenges him to restart the match with a No DQ rule...Rollns agrees and match is on! Good stuff. 

1:06pm - To the outside they go and Rollins nails Owens with the ring bell to get himself disqualified. Owens wins by DQ .... awful creative, but Rollins keeps his heel heat I guess. 

1:05pm - Owen looking for a superplex but Rollins counters into a sunset flip powerbomb. Superkick lands for Rollins but owens replies with a pop-up power bomb for a two count. 

1:03pm - Rollins looking for the stomp but Owens avoids and lands a DDT ....  both men back up and a superkick is landed for Owens followed by running cannonball then a senton from the top rope for a long two-count. 

1:02pm - Rollins looking for a running plancha but Owens nails him with an elbow....back in the ring they go and Rollins drops Owens with a Slingblade.

1:01pm - Rollins nails Owens on the outside with a knee to take over. Rollins talking trash to Owens ... "I am a wrestling God"

12:56pm - Straight to the outside they go but it's Rollins who gains the upperhand. Back into the ring they go and Rollins is nailed by a big right hand and Owens drops him with a big clothesline followed by a senton. 

12:50pm - Up next 'The Messiah' Seth Rollins v Kevin Owens. Tin the shohat last match eas excellent and for the first time, I din't notce there was no one in the crowd. All three guys worked really hard and produced the best match of the day so far. 

Smackdown Tag Team Titles [Ladder match] - John Morrison (co-champ) v Jey Uso v Kofi Kingston
Miz and Morrison retain at 17:00

12:46pm - In a cool spot all three have their hands on the titles which are now unhooked....headbut from Uso drops Morrison but he pulls the titles with him to win the match and retain. Creative finish and very entertaining match.  

12:45pm - Morrison and Kofi at the top of the ladder now...headbut from Kofi, kick from Morrison, but now Uso is back up and he climbs a second ladder. 

12:44pm - Morrison tips the ladder and Uso falls to the outside from 15 feet in the air. Ouch. 

12:43pm - Uso drives Kofi into a ladder, taking him out. Morrison launches himself at Uso but runs right into a huge superkick. Uso scales the ladder.

12:41pm - Kofi is scaling the ladder with Uso and Morrison down and out .... he reaches for the titles but Morrison is back up and at the top of the ladder with Kofi. Morrison knocked down by Kofi who then lands a mule kick to the face of Morrison and both men are down. Awesome move. 

12:39pm - All three on the outside at the moment with Kofi looking like he is setting up for something crazy. But it's Morrison who lands a Spanish Fly on Kofi from the top rope before Uso with the flying splash nails Morrison. All three men down and out in the ring. 

12:37pm - Morrison and Uso out on the floor and Kofi launches himself onto both his opponents.

12:36pm - Morrison climbing for the titles but Kofi comes leaping out of nowhere and takes Morrison out with a flying hurricanrana. 

12:33pm - Morrison hammers Uso to the knee with the ladder. Uso replies with a heavy chop that stuns Morrison. Uso lifts Morrison onto a balanced ladder in the corner. Uso looking for a Superplex but is dumped onto the ladder by Morrison who then lands a beautiful Starship Pain onto Uso.

12:31pm - Kofi and Morrison climb the ladder...Morrison nails Kofi and reaches for the belts but Uso drags him down and lands a super kick on the former Impact world champion. 

12:29pm - All three men on ladders in the middle of the ring, but Kofi knocks Uso off and lands a cross body on from the top of the ladder after nailing Morrison with a hard kick. 

12:25pm - Up next the Triple Threat match for the Smackdown tag team titles. The frst superstar to pull the titles down from above the ring win the match and championships for their team. 

Intercontinental Championship - Sami Zayn (C) v Daniel Bryan 
Zayn via pinfall at 9:20

12:22pm - Nakamura and Cesaro are back and take out Gulak, Bryan takes them out with a fying plancha....off the top on Zayn now, but the champ lands a Helluva Kick that gets him the three-count for the wn. 

12:21pm - Bryan back on top as he lands his traditional kicks to the chest of Zayn, folowed by foot stomps to the face. 

12:20pm - Bryan lands a heavy knee in the corner on Zayn but Zayn fires back with a heavy elbow himself. Clothesline lans for Zayn and he is in control. 

12:19pm - Zayn rolls to the outside and Bryan goes straight after hom with a dive through the ropes. Zayn and Bryan back in the ring now with Bryan locking on a leg lock, and he nails a few more punches. 

12:17pm - Bryan chases after Zayn and throws him back in the ring and takes him down with a chop block. Bryan hammers Zayn from the top with knees and punches.

12:15pm - The early theme here is Nakamura and Cesaro injecting themselves in the match. Gulak beats both of them up on the outside and for now Zayn is on his own. 

12:12pm - Zayn joined at ringside by his buddies Nakamura and Cesaro while Drew Gulak is in Bryan's corner. 

12:11pm - Next up is former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan challenging Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental title.

Raw Women's Championship - Becky Lynch (c) v Shayna Baszler
Becky Lynch via pinfall at 8:30

12:06pm - Becky looks for the dis-armher but Shayna reverses to the rear naked choke....Becky rolls into a pinning combination and gets the "flukey" three-count for the win. Hate that finish and hate that booking. 

12:05pm - Shayna locks in the rear naked choke with Becky on the outside apron....Shayna breaks the hold at the count of four. To the outside they go and Shayna slams Becky into the announce desk. 

12:04pm- Shayna turns a pearl river plunge into an armbar...very slick..... but Becky fights out. heavy knee lands for Shayna but she only gets a long two-count. 

12:02pm - The ladies exchange heavy elbows on the outside ..... Becky drives Shayna into the apron head first, rolls her back in for the pin but can only get a two. 

12:01pm - Becky looks for her Dis-armhersubmission but Baszler counters witha  cutter. Two count for Shayna. 

12:00pm - Becky lands a hurricanrana on the outside then rams Shayna intop the ring steps. Becky throws Shayna back in and lands a drop kick from the top rope. Heavy blows in the corner now for Becky. 

11:59am - Both superstars exchange blows to start - Baszler looks to lock in her rear naked choke finisher but Becky escapes to the outside. 

11:53am - Good storyline arch with this one. Becky beat Ronda Rousey (and Charlotte Flair) 12-months ago in New Jersey. Rosuey is Baszler's MMA gym teammate. Baszler has been pushed strong since her man roster debut in November as a legitmate MMA bad ass. 

11:52am - My prediction of today's main event was wrong ... up next is Becky Lynch v Shayna Baszler for the Raw Women's title.

King Corbin v Elias 
Elias via pinfall at 9:00

11:48am - Corbin looks for a cheap win with a roll up with his legs on the rope but the referee stops the count, Corbin complains and is rolled up by Elias, who hooks the tghts and gets the three count. Corbin is irate. 

11:46am - Elias misses a stomp off the top rope, runs at Corbin and is nailed in a Deep Six side slam, but Elias kicks out at two. 

11:45am - Elias fires up and stomps a mudhole on Corbin ala Stone Cold Steve Austin. Elias lands a neckbreaker but Corbin is out at two. 

11:44am - Elias rams Corbin into he ring post, then lands a big boot. Mule kick in the corner lands for Elias.

11:42am - Big running clothesline lands for Corbin but Elias kicks out at two.

11:40am - Neckbreaker lands for Elias but he only gets a two count. Corbin recovers and throws Elias, who is seling his 'injuries' well, from the ring.

11:38am - Corbin demands tp have his hand raised, but Elias shows up and attacks Corbin, smashing his guitar over The King's head. Elias tgrows Corbin back in the ring and the referee signals for the bel and we are underway. 

11:36am - King Corbin makes way to the ring for his match against Elias, but Corbin took him out on Smackdown two weeks ago, so he is not here tday. I feel Gronkowski will play a role in the next few minutes. 

11:32am - We cross to Kayla Braxton backstage and she introuces Intercontinental champion Sami Zayn who says he is walking out as he walked in - with the belt. 

WWE Women's Tag Team Championships: The Kabuki Warriors (c) v Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross
Bliss and Cross via pinfall at 15:05

11:30am - Cross lands a swinging neckbreaker on Sane and tages Bliss. Bliss lands Twisted Bliss from the top rope and gets the pin and we have new tag team champs. 

11:28am - Sane and Asuka land a Legion of Doom type move from the top rope but Cross kicks out on two.

11:27am - Asuka locks in the Asuka-lock - basically a rear naked choke -  but liss makes the save. Bliss speared by Sane and all four ladies are down. 

11:25am - Bliss lands a DDT on Asuka and gets the hot tag to Cross who is on fire. Flying body press from the top on Sane gets another long two-count.

11:24am - The champs in control as Asuka lands a heavy back elbow in the corner on Bliss. Asuka for the pin but Bliss kicks out on a long two-count.  

11:21am - Bliss gets the hot tag after a few minutes of control from the champions. Bliss goes to the second rope, but Asuka pulls her down. Sane lands double knees top Bliss' face. 

11:18am - The match goes to the outside and Cross hits a flying body press on Sane on the outside. Back in the ring now and it's Cross in control of Asuka. 

11:16am - Bliss and Kairi Sane get the match going .... it's very weird having attended the last Mania's with a comined attendance over 150,000 to see no one there. Strange.

11:11am - Former NFL great Rob Gronkowski welcomes the WWE Universe to WrestleMania wearing a Gronk Mania jacket .... he's pretty hyped to say the least. 

11:10am - A banging seven minute video package to get everyone in the mood. WWE took inspiration from Pirates of the Carribean.

11:02am - Cool piece of editing from WWE - America The Beautiful has always traditionally starts the show and that's no difference today. But the have put together artists of the past such as Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles and Little Richard, opening WrestleMania's of past in a cool video package. 

11:01am - WWE executive Stephanie McMahon gets the show underway talking abot how dfferent this show will be and asks everyone to take some time out from the horrors of COVID-19 and enjoy the show. 

11:00am - Kick-Off Show is in the books ..... WrestleMania Too big for just one night begins now.

10:54am - Much respect to our friends at WWE NZ - give them a follow on Twitter. 

10:46am - Looks like Becky Lynch v Shayna Baszler will headline the opening day of WrestleMania.

10:40am - Baron 'The King' Corbin has arrived at the Performance Centre.

Kick-Off Show match - Drew Gulak v Cesaro
Cesaro via pinfall at 4:25

10:34am - Dragon Sleeper attempt from Gulak is turned around by Cesaro who lands a huge slam, followed by a running forearm. Cesaro with an Airplane Spin, drops Gulak and gets the three-count for the win. 

10:29am - Two of the best technical wrestlers putting on quite the mat grappling show top to begin.

10:25am - So the storyline behind this one rleates to Sami Zayn and Danel Bryan who meet later on today. Cesaro, Zayn and Shinsule Nakamura are part of the Artist Collective stable that has tried to recruit Bryan but failed. Gulak ad Bryan have paired up and recent weeks with Gulak beating Nakamura to earn Bryan his IC Title match against Zayn.

10:22am - WWE.com just confirmed Drew Gulak v Cesaro will be today's Kick-off Show match. 

10:05am - The Kick-off show is on the air hosted by Corey Graves and Pete Rosenberg.
Follow the action live on Twitter or you can sign up for free at the WWE Network.

9:55am - And in another change, the Smackdown Tag Team Titles will now be contested in a three-person triple threat between Kofi Kingston (New Day), Jimmy Uso (The Uso's) and John Morrison from the tag team champions.

The Miz was complaining about feeling sick the morning of the taping late last week, so WWE called yet another audible.

9:50am - Update to the pre-show card ..... two matches added.

Hello everyone and welcome to a first for Newshub - live updates of sports entertainment's biggest show - WrestleMania 36.

The event is tagged "Too Big For One Night" as for the first time in history, pro wrestling's Super Bowl will be held over two consecutive days.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused chaos worldwide and WWE is no exception. Vince McMahon and his brains trust were forced to move WrestleMania from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, to a variety of locations, including the WWE Performance Centre in Orlando, Florida. 

16 matches have been confirmed for the show which will be hosted by former NFL great Rob Gronkowski who has reportedly signed a multi-year deal with the company. 

WWE hasn't announced which matches will take place today or tomorrow but here is a rundown of the card.

[Roman Reigns withdrew from the card because of concerns for his health - he is a survivor of cancer. Braun Strowman is his replacement]

  • WWE Championship - Brock Lesnar (c) v Drew McIntyre
  • Universal Championship - Goldberg (c) v Braun Strowman  
  • Raw Women's Championship - Becky Lynch (c) v Shayna Baszler 
  • Smackdown Women's Championship: Fatal Five-Way match - Bayley (c) v Sasha Banks v Tamina v Lacey Evans v Naomi 
  • Last Man Standing - Edge v Randy Orton
  • Firefly Funhouse match - 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt v John Cena 
  • Boneyard match - AJ Styles v The Undertaker 
  • NXT Women's Championship - Rhea Ripley (c) v Charlotte Flair 
  • Smackdown Tag Team Titles: Ladder match - Miz and Morrison (c) v The New Day v The Uso's 
  • Raw Tag Team Titles - The Street Profits (c) v Austin Theory and Angel Garza 
  • WWE Women's Tag Team Titles - The Kabuki Warriors v Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross
  • Intercontinental Championship - Sami Zayn v Daniel Bryan
  • Kevin Owens v Seth Rollins 
  • Aleister Black v Bobby Lashley 
  • Otis v Dolph Ziggler 
  • King Corbin v Elias