Boxing: Evander Holyfield hints at third Mike Tyson bout

The prospect of revisiting one of heavyweight boxing's biggest rivalries has taken a massive boost.

It took just two words for Evander Holyfield to floor the boxing world.

"I'm Back."

If the four-time world champion's words are the 'real deal', many believe they could be a hint at a showdown between none other than Mike Tyson, who released his own piece of social media gold earlier this week.

Former NZ boxer turned trainer Kevin Barry - who famously defeated Holyfield by disqualification at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles - believes the pair are now set for a third bout.

"It's something that everybody would love to see because of the history the two guys share and both being multiple time world champions," Barry told Newshub. "We will see that."

Leading Australia promoter Max Markson is already inquiring about getting Tyson 'down-under'. 

"Let me get Tyson locked in first and then I can go after Holyfield," Markson said. "If we could do both of them I think that would be tremendous."

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