Boxing: Joseph Parker confident viral video hits could help clinch big fights

He's been described as the heavyweight champion of lockdown, but Joseph Parker's viral videos could help him get the title he really wants. 

Parker's become a social media star, with a series of entertaining videos that have been so successful, they could hold the key to re-igniting his career. 

COVID-19 lockdown's shown another side of the Kiwi boxer, who's surprised fans with his acting skills and surprised himself with the attention his viral videos have attracted around the world. 

"The reaction has been incredible," Parker tells Newshub. "I like to have fun and enjoy myself.

"I haven't shown it before a fight, but this is a great opportunity to show people that this is me every day."

Originally, the videos were simply meant to spread some positivity during lockdown, but they could end up having a  positive impact on his career, when he returns to the ring. 

"I feel like it'll attract more people to watch my fights in future, but also, you never know, there might be an acting career." Parker laughs. 

"It's all about who you are and what people want to see… I guess, through this time, doing these videos spreads positive vibes.

"The thing I'm glad about is that it shows athletes like to have fun and shows us in a different light."

Parker legitimately believes his video campaign could help him secure the big-name opponents he's looking for.

"I genuinely think it can," Parker reckons. "To make big fights happen, people have to know you and with the video, a lot more people are knowing about Team Parker. 

"I saw a lot of comments saying 'just give him a title', 'give him the championship', 'where's that belt?'"

Last year, Parker grew frustrated at a lack of opportunities under new promoter Eddie Hearn, but he even managed to convince the Matchroom Boxing mastermind to feature in one of his viral clips.

"I think, with these videos, it's a lot easier for him to make big fights... it just comes down to the opponent being willing to take the fight.

"I was thinking of inviting Dillian Whyte to do the 'Time Warp', but I thought he would never do it."

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