Community sports clubs counting cost of lost sponsorship

Financial security of sporting organisations may get worse before it gets better.

While the Government support package will go some way to helping them survive beyond COVID-19, some believe it's a simple, short-term fix to a long term problem.

Sponsorship is the backbone of sporting organisations across the country and clubs like Papatoetoe cricket in South Auckland have felt the pinch of those dwindling numbers.

"Our revenue has gone from $50,000 to nothing," said president Garry Wood. "We've lost 6-8 sponsors, providing $30-40,000 each - a $90,000 loss of revenue total."

Grants like the $1 million handed out to grassroots cricket and netball by ANZ bank will also help, but not everyone agrees it's enough to fix the long-term problem.

"The Government provides lots of support, but it's the recovery period," notes Basketball NZ chief executive Iain Potter.

"It's going to take some time, so we're expecting the second half of the year to be difficult."

Despite the challenges, organisations are remaining positive, and hope athletes of all ages and stages will be back playing in no time.

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