Coronavirus: Warriors will emerge from COVID-19 crisis 'bigger, stronger, better', says CEO Cameron George

For the past month, chief executive Cameron George has been the Warriors' lone ranger.

With players kept away from all the lingering uncertainty, George has worked around the clock to ensure the team are part of the competition reboot. 

"They're being asked to leave their families in a global pandemic," George tells Newshub.

"I was very conscious of making sure they weren't getting pressure, because from now on, the spotlight's back on them."

Now there's a new challenge awaiting - ensuring the club not only survives, but thrives beyond COVID-19.

"We will remodel our club to make sure it's sustainable into the future," George insists.

With Mt Smart Stadium set to be empty for the year, the financial hit will be heavy and while job losses are possible, sweeping changes are unlikely.

"The comp, for all intents and purposes, will be back to normal next year, so you can't go and restructure a business for a short period of time and then expect to get it back operating at 100 percent within five months," George explains.

But going forward, the make-up of the Warriors playing squad may look different.

"I think people want to stay a little close to home now, which is a challenge for us, but equally, it could work in our favour for the Kiwis who want to stay in NZ."

Either way, George is comfortably predicting big things for his club beyond 2020.

"We will come out of this bigger, stronger, and better."

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