Football: US Women's team vow to keep fighting after equal pay claim dismissed by court

US co-captain Megan Rapinoe.
US co-captain Megan Rapinoe. Photo credit: AAP

The US women's football team have vowed to continue the fight for equal pay, after their lawsuit was thrown out of court.

Last year, 28 players filed a suit against the US Soccer Federation (USSF), claiming they were being underpaid in comparison to the less successful male side. 

US District Judge Gary Klausner ruled the pay case did not warrant a trial, although the players' case for unfair treatment in travel, housing and medical support will go to trial in June.

They had been seeking US$66 million (NZ$108m) in damages under the Equal Pay Act.

In response, US women's co-captain Megan Rapino has tweeted: "We will never stop fighting for EQUALITY."

Fellow co-captain Alex Morgan echoes Rapino's comments.

"Although disappointing to hear this news, this will not discourage us in our fight for equality," she tweets. 

The team's spokesperson Molly Levinson says the team are "shocked" and will appeal against the decision.

"We are shocked and disappointed," says Levinson. "We will not give up our hard work for equal pay.

"We are confident in our case, and steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that girls and women who play this sport will not be valued as lesser, just because of their gender."

Former US Vice President Joe Biden has also weighed in, pledging to cut funding to the US Soccer Federation, if women don't get equal pay with their male counterparts.

The Democratic nominee for US President in this year's election has told the team to not "give up this fight", adding: "This is not over yet.

"To US Soccer: equal pay, now. Or else when I'm President, you can go elsewhere for World Cup funding."

Last year, the US team won their fourth Women's World Cup in France. They have also won five Olympic gold medals.

Meanwhile, the US men's team, who failed to qualify for the last World Cup, haven't gone past the quarter-finals since 1930.

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