Kiwi tennis ace Marcus Daniell caught up in US chaos

One of New Zealand's best tennis players will be watching on with a touch of envy when the new Premier League competition starts in Auckland on Wednesday.

Doubles specialist Marcus Daniell's currently in the United States, but with the country gripped by rioting and fear, he'd rather be home doing what he does best.

Like millions of people in the US at the moment, Daniell is on edge.

"It's pretty worrying," Daniell tells Newshub. "There's so much stuff kicking off."

Daniell is watching all of the protest and drama unfold from his partner's home in Connecticut.

"That may not be linked directly to the coronavirus, but it still feels like it stems from the same sort of fear and panic and cabin fever."

When lockdown began, Daniell chose to travel to the US to be with his girlfriend.

But with the ATP Tour restart date continuously being pushed back and professional tennis about to resume in Auckland, he's now wishing he was back home.

"If there aren't tournaments then we aren't earning money... I think it's great," notes Daniell.

"I'd love to play it and if I do get back to New Zealand, which could happen in the next couple of months."

The four time ATP Tour title winner has managed to stay sharp throughout lockdown by training daily with a top Spanish junior who is living in the same small Connecticut town.

"The United States version of lockdown was far less strict, so I was able to train through," Daniell adds.

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