Netball: Youngest-ever board member offers new ideas in COVID-19 reset

A new era has dawned for Netball New Zealand, with the appointment of its youngest ever executive board member.

At just 19-years-old, Georgia Trent has her eye firmly on the ball. 

Having played, coached and umpired netball, the second-year Otago University student's about to expand her involvement further.

"I was absolutely on board, so excited to share the youth voice and be heard in the decision-making process, because that's where the future is," Trent has told Newshub. 

Someone who knows a thing or two about making history at a young age is Bernice Mene, who debuted for the Silver Ferns aged just 17, while still at school.

Now a board member as well, Mene welcomes having a diverse range of voices around the table. 

"It's important to engage with youth, learn a lot from youth right now," Mene notes. "Resilience, flexibility and fresh ideas are important going forward, and youth offers that for us."

And Trent has plenty of flexibility and fresh ideas. 

"Keeping relevant is so important and while COVID is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, we must also embrace rich tradition netball has," she says.

That's something the sport will no doubt continue to do, as it leads the way in rebuilding and reshaping the sport after COVID-19.