UFC 249: Tony Ferguson v Justin Gaethje - Live updates

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Thanks everyone for joining me today - a slendid afternoon of fights and look forward to the next couple of cards this week.

Wow! One of the greatest lightweight fights in UFC history and Justin Gaethje books a undisputed lightweight title shot against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

UFC Interim Lightweight championship - Tony Ferguson (25-3) v Justin Gaethje (21-2)
Result: Justin Gaethje via TKO R5

Round 5 - Ferguson needs a finish. Leg kick lands for Justin. Overhand right stuns Tony..but he recovers quickly. Tony walks through a right-left combo like it's a pillow, but he is battered. Heavy jab lands for Justin and he rocks Tony with a hook. Tony looks like a beaten man. Jab for Justin lands and another. Justin lands two heavy hooks and a leg kick. Left hook lands again for Justin. Big right hand lands - I don't know how Tony hasn't dropped yet. Ferguson is hurt ... his leg is jacked and he is stumbling back from a jab and referee Herb Dean stops the fight.

Round 4 - Inside leg kick lands for Justin. Tony replies. Jab lands for Tony. Leg kick lands for Justin. Left hook lands for Justin but he misses the follow up right hook. Leg kick lands for Tony, Justin counters with a left. Front kick to the body for Ferguson lands. They exchange big right hands but Justin hurt Tony with a huge leg kick. Right hand lands for Justin. Low blow lands on Justin, but he is okay. Left hook to the body lands for Ferguson and a nice jab. Big leg kick lands for Justin as Tony is knocked off balance. Right hook lands for Justin. Head kick lands for Justin and Tony replies with a straight left. Newshub score - 10-9 Gaethje

Round 3 - Tony took control the last 90 seconds of the last round. Justin lands a right jand but Ferguson is eating these shots. Leg kick left hook lands for Justin. Tony has a nasty cut on his right eye. Heavy straight left lands for Tony. Justin replies with a right himself and a sweeping leg kick. Right hand from Justin stuns Ferguson and he's backing up. Justin stalking but being careful. Heavy right hand lands for Justin but Tony eats it. Lead elbow lands for Tony. Another big right lands for Justin.Nice left lands for Tony .... this fight is crazy good. Leg kick from Tony drops Justin ... he's back up. Justin misses on a big right but lands a counter left hook. Round ends. Newshub score - 10-9 Gaethje.

Round 2 - Sharp right lands for Justin but Tony replies with a superman punch. They engage and Justin lands a heavy right hook. Left hook lands and stings Tony but his chin is ridiculous. Tony lands a leg kick. Justin lands two heavy leg kicks but misses with a big left hook. Lead left hook lands for Tony. Justin stings with another leg kick. Body shot lands for Tony, but Justin replies. Left hook lands for Justin. Leg kick lands for Tony but Justin stings him with two heavy hooks. Leg kick for Justin.  Side kick lands for Tony. Right hand lands for Justin, but Tony is hanging in there. One-two lands for both guys. Leg kick for Tony and Justin is slowing sown ... Ferguson with a huge uppercut floors Justin as the clock expires. That round was Justin's until that last shot. Newshub score - Ferguson 10-9. 

Round 1 - Here we go folks. Front kick lands for Ferguson to open. Justin misses on a leg kick.Body kick lands for Tony again. Left hook lands to the body for Justin. Stiff lead shovel uppercut lands for Tony, Justin replies with a heavy right. Left hook lands for Justin, Tony lands a leg kick. Justin loads up the right but misses ... he does land a nice leg kick though. Tony lands a high kick but Justin shakes it off. Inside leg kick lands for Justin and another. Justin lands a heavy right. Ferguson scores with a jab. Counter right lands for Justin followed by a heavy right. Jab lands for Tony, Justin counters with two heavy left hooks but Tony is okay. Round ends. Newshub score - Gaethje 10-9.

Fight Preview - Click here

4:17pm - Okay - time for the main event. 

4:15pm - Cejudo announces his retirement at the end of the fight. Crazy. He will go down a great - the only man to win an Olympic gold medal and two UFC titles. Cejudo is 33 and wants to go out on top.

UFC Bantamweight title - Henry Cejudo (15-2) v Dominick Cruz (22-2)
Result: Henry Cejudo via TKO R2 to retain championship

Round 2 - Cruz lands a body kick but misses on a straight right. Leg kick lands for Cruz as Cejudo whiffs on a hook. Leg kick scores for Dom and a nice jab to the body. Dom avoids a big righht hand from Cejudo. Leg kick lands for Dom, Cejudo counters with a right and then a very heavy leg kick. Nice combo lands for Cejudo but Cruz lands a heavy right hand up the middle and thenn folows with a left hook. Leg kick lands for Cejudo and a right hand. Body kick lands for Cejudo. Inside leg kick lands fro Cruz and hurts Cejudo. Cruz much better in the second round so far. Dom misses on a takedown. Clash of heads opens a cut  on Cejudo's forehead. Referee just checking it out. Accidental headbut and the cut isn't too bad. Big knee lands for Cejudo drops Cruz and he follows up with punches and the ref steps in. Bad stoppage for me .... Dom looked okay. On replay, the stoppage was okay. Seven clean shots landed by Henry. Stoppage came with two seconds left in the round.

Round 1 - Cruz the much bigger man against the former flyweight champion. Underway and Cruz straight into his herky, jerky movement. Leg kick lands for Cejudo. Leg kick lands for Dom and he avoids the counter from Cejudo. Heavy leg kick lands for Cejudo and another. Jab lands for Cruz and he avoids a leg kick. Heavy jab lands for Dom and a nice knee but Cejudi gets the takedown .... Dom straight back up. Cejudo eating up Dom's legs with kicks. Right land lands for Cruz and he avoids a heavy hook counter from Cejudo. Another heavy leg kick lands for Cejudo...Dom misses a big right but does lands a nice leg kick on the break. Round ends. Newshub score 10-9 Cejudo.

3:50pm - Cruz back in action  for the first time in four years against the man who claims to be the greatest combat sports athlete of all time. This should be fun.

Fight Preview - Click here

3:37pm - Okay so that was a statement win if I have ever seen one. Good luck to the next guy that fights Francis. Four KO's in his last four fights with a combined fight time of less than 2mins.

Heavyweight fight - Francis Ngannou (14-3) v Jair Rosenstruik (10-0)
Result: Francis Ngannou via KO R1

Round 1 - Heavy inside leg kick lands for Rozenstruik but he gets sloppy and Ngannou sleeps him with a huge left! Game over!

Fight Preview - Click here

3:25pm - Big news with Georges St-Pierre confirmed as the next inductee to the UFC Hall of Fame. The greatest of all time folks. Hands down.

3:12pm - Another great fight in the books and a huge heavyweight scrap on the way between two genuine KO artists.

Featherweight fight - Jeremy Stephens (28-17-1) v Calvin Kattar (20-4)
Result: Calvin Kattar via KO R2.

Round 2 - Heavy leg kick lands for Stephens but Kattar replies with one of his own. Left uppercut lands for Kattar and he also lands anotther leg kick. Stephens whiffs on a big right hand. Big right hand lands for Stephens. Three-shot combo lands for Kattar - slick technique on that. Elbow lands for Stephens. Body kick lands for Stephens but he gets dropped with a huge counter right elbow and Stephen is out!! Just like that! Stephens face is a mess. Stunning finish and big moment for Kattar.

Round 1 - Body kick lands for Stephens....he's been super aggressive out of the gate, but Kattar staying calm. Stephens lands a nice low kick and a right hand to the body. Sweeping left hand misses for Kattar. Left hook partly lands for Stephens. Kattar lands a heavy leg kick. Body hook lands for Stephens ... he's really pressuring Kattar. Stephens lands an inside leg kick then an outside leg kick. Kattar misses on a left hand. Stephens avoids a heavy straight right and counters with a nice right himself. Kattar with a nice jab and then a slick one-two. Heavy leg kick lands for Stephens. Huge long straight lands for Kattar and Stephens is hurt. Stephens fires back though and stays in the pocket. Hectic pace to this one. Newshub score: 10-9 Stephens.

2:47pm - Don't be fooled by Stephens' record. He is a legit contender at featherweight and a super tough out for anyone. I like Kattar - he has excellent boxing. Find this fight super hard to pick. I'll go Stephens by decision, but lets see how it plays out.

Fight Preview: Click here

2:41pm - Crazy how that fight changed midway through. De Castro broke his foot on a leg kick and hardly threw a strike in anger for the last half of the fight. Big win for Greg Hardy.

Heavyweight fight - Greg Hardy (5-2-1) v Yorgan de Catsro (6-0)
Result: Greg Hardy via unanimous decision 

Round 3 - Big right hand lands for Hardy out the gate . De Castro lands another leg kick. Inside leg kick lands for De Castro. Hardy replies. Heavy leg kick lands for Hardy that hurt De Castro. Jab lands for Hardy. Inside leg kick lands for Hardy but he cops a heavy counter leg kick from De Castro. Inside leg kick lands for Hardy. Body shot lands for Hardy. Heaby right hand lands for Hardy and he avoids the counter. De Castro slips to the canvas and Hardy throws a couple punches to the leg of De Castro. De Castro in his back with Hardy standing over him but the referee stands them up. Hardy lands a right and then a stiff jab. Inside leg kick lands for Hardy. Jab lands for Hardy....De Castro has barely thrown a strike in the last seven minutes. Hardy lands a jab and an inisde leg kick. Fight ends. De Castro signals he broke his foot. Newshub score - 10-9 Hardy and the fight 30-27.

Round 2 - Heavy leg kick land for De Castro and Hardy's leg is jacked. He's in real trouble with the left lef. Right hand lands for Hardy, but his leg is shot. Inside leg kick lands for Hardy. Left hook just misses for De Castro. Two inside leg kicks land for Hardy....but he is still moving in pain. Another heavy leg kick lands for De Castro. De Castro wings and misses on a heavy combo. Jab lands for Hardy. Leg kick lands for Hardy but he misses a head kick. Not much offence coming from De Castro. Body kick lands for Hardy. Inside leg kick lands for Hardy....De Castro hasn't thrown anything for two minutes. Newshub score 10-9 Hardy. 

Round 1 - Here we go folks.....don't blink.  Heavy action to start. Hardy lands a big leg kick as De Castro whiffs on a huge right. Leg kick lands for De Castro. Inside leg kick lands for Hardy and he avoids the counter right of De Castro. Jab lands for Hardy but De Castro lands a nice leg kick. Another jab lands for Hardy and a low kick, but De Castro's right hand is looking heavy. De Castro lands a heavy left and a heavy leg kick that hurt Hardy. Inside leg kick lands for Hardy and he double up on a jab and hurts De Castro with a right. De Castro has recovered well. Hardy stalking, but not throwing. Head kick just misses for Hardy as the round ends. Newshub score - 10-9 Hardy.

2:08pm - Fight preview - Click here

2:04pm - Time for the main card and five legitimate sexy fights,

Wrap - Hell of a fight. I had Cerrone but not surprised at all. Super close contest.

Lightweight fight - Anthony Pettis (22-10) v Donald Cerrone (36-14-1)
Result - Anthony Pettis via unanimous decision

Round 3 - Final round coming up. Cowboy opens up with a body kick and a leg kick. Big straight left lands for Pettis, but Cerrone replies with a left himself. Front kick lands for Cowboy. Short right hook over the top lands for Pettis, Cowboy replies with a shot to the body. Pettis lands a big kick to the body but then cops a heavy knee to the body in reply. Head kick misses for Pettis. Leg kick lands for Cowboy...Pettis pushing the pace in this round and stuns Cowboy with a right...Cowboy backing up. Pettis staying calm. Cowboy avoids a big high kick from Pettis. Cowboy recovered now and lands a huge kick to Pettis' head, but he stays on his feet somehow. Pettis looks okay and lands a nice counter left, followed by a jab. Body kick lands for Pettis as Cowboys pushes hard in the final 10 seconds as the fight ends. Newshub score - 10-9 Cerrone and the fight 29-28.

Round 2 - Right hand lands for Pettis and a left high kick. Left hand lands for Cerrone, but Pettis eats it well and then stings Cowboy with a slick right hand. Side kick lands for Pettis. Pettis counters a low kick with a spinning back fist that Cowboy just avoids. Cowboy lands a counter right that busts Pettis' nose open. Counter right-left lands for Pettis and he follows with an inside leg kick. Body kick lands for Cowboy. Pettis replies with two himself. Cowboy shoots on a single leg and scores the takedown. Pettis looking to get up using the cage, and he does. Cowboy shoots again but Pettis seprerates. Pettis slowing down. Front kick to the body lands for Cowboy. Close round but i'll give it to Cowboy. Newshub score - 10-9 Cerrone.

Round 1 - Seven straight losses combined for these two, so in desperate need of a win. Two high level strikers in action .... bit of a slow start as they establiosh distance. Pettis circling and feinting. Cowboy leans in with a right hand that misses. Takedown shot from Cowboy, but Pettis fights it off and lands a nice body shot. Leg kick for Cowboy, Pettis with an overhand counter. Pettis avoids another takedown attempt but cops a leg kick. Cowboy in for another takedown but Pettis seperates and lands a nice right. Jab lands form Cowboy but Pettis lands a jump kick to the chin....Cowboy shoots and lands the takedown and Cowboy is straight into side contol. Pettis shrimps and Cowboy is back on his feet and lets Pettis up. Left lands for Pettis anmd a spin kick to the body. Pettis lands a heavy counter right that stuns Cowboy as the round ends. Tough to call that but I think Pettis did enough. Newshub score - 10-9 Pettis.

1:35pm - Now we get a sick fight between two of the most exciting lightyweights of all time.

Heavyweight fight - Fabricio Werdum (23-8-1) v Alexsei Oleinik (58-13-1)
Result: Aleksei Oleinik via splitr decision

1:33pm - Suprisingly entertaining fight with Oleinik bringing hell with his hands in the first round. Werdum recovered well and brought his ground game into play in the final two frames. Werdum almost locked in a Kimura late and was close to securing an Armbar in the second round. Oleinik kept moving forward, and ultimately that was enough to scure a split call.

Preview - Two submission wizards to do battle here. Olenik is the master of neck chokes but subbing the greatest submission artist in UFC heavyweight history could be a tough job to get done. I got Werdum in this one, but it's a coin flip.

1:04pm - Former heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum about to make his comeback after a two-year enforced layoff due to a doping suspension.

Women's strawweight fight - Carla Esparza (15-6) v Michelle Waterson (17-7)
Result: Carla Esparza via split decision

1:02pm - Close fight - nothing really significant was landed. Waterson did well to keep the fight standing but she couldn't get close enough to Esparza to land heavy. Esparza was game, and pushed the pace, which was enough to get the split call.

Preview - Two high levels fighters about to do battle, but both bring very different skillsets to the table. Esparza, the first ever UFC strawweight champ, is a tremendous wrestler with a limited striking game. Waterson is a Karate black belt and has a very good submission game, so I'm taking her in this one.

12:32 - Everyone is bringing their A-game to the card so far. Gotta give it up for these guys and girls, given they have had limited prep time and in some cases no training partners.

Welterweight fight - Niko Price (17-7-1) v Vicente Luque (14-3-1)
Result: Vicente Luque via TKO R3 (Docter's stoppage)

12:29pm - Well good luck beating that for Fight of the Night. An absolute striking war with both guys wearing the battle scars on their face. Luque gets the win after a savage left hook floored Price, who recovered, but it opened a nasty cut up on Price's eyelid. Awesome fight.

Preview - This is as close a matchup as you will see. Both guys are creative strikers with legit ground games. Luque won the first fight between these two four years ago, but Price is much improved. Should be fun.

12:02pm - I'm calling it now - Mitchell is winning a UFC title in the next two years. Call me impressed.

Featherwight fight - Bryce Mitchell (12-0) v Charles Rosa (12-3)
Result: Bryce Mitchell via unanimous decision

12:01pm - Mitchell was outstanding. Total domination against a well-tested opponent. Mitchell's grappling transitions are as good as any fighter at this point of his career as I have ever seen. He is the future of the featherweight division. Brilliant display from 'Thug Nasty'.

Preview - I Like Mitchell in this one, but Rosa is super tough and the highest quality opponent of Mitchell's career. Mitchell scored the submission finish of 2019 with a rare 'Twister' in a November win.

11:31am - Very weird enviroment with no crowd - just strange, but great to have some live sport back on the screens.

Light heavyweight fight - Ryan Spann (17-5) v Sam Alvey (33-13-1)
Result: Ryan Spann via split decision

11:30am - Great fight to open the card. Spann dominated the action for large periods, but Alvey's right hook was really effective throughout and hurt Spann in the last minute, but 'Superman' survived to sneak out the win by decision.

Preview: Spann is riding a seven fight win streak inside the UFC and has a big advantage if the fight hits the floor. Alvey is a UFC veteran, but is looking to end a three-fight skid. 

Hello folks and welcome to some actual live sport coverage!

You gotta give it to UFC President Dana White, who has been aggressive throughout the whole quarantine period, kept the communication levels high with fans and his fighters and put together one of the most stacked cards in combat sports history.

We will have live commentary from 1:30pm for the final fight of the prelims, but we will list the results as they happen from 10am this morning.

For now, have a listen to the latest episode of the Fight Club Podcast as we run through the fights and we speak to Anthony Pettis who is on the card this afternoon.

You can also check out our pre-fight predictions here.

UFC 249: Tony Ferguson v Justin Gaethje - Live updates

UFC 249 Card

Interim lightweight title - Tony Ferguson  v Justin Gaethje 
Bantamweight title - Henry Cejudo (c) v Dominick Cruz 
Heavyweight fight - Francis Ngannou v Jair Rozenstruik 
Featherweight fight - Calvin Kattar v Jeremy Stephens
Heavyweight fight - Greg Hardy v Yorgan De Castro 
Welterweight fight - Anthony Pettis  v Donald Cerrone 
Welterweight fight - Vicente Luque v Niko Price 
Heavyweight fight - Fabricio Werdum v Aleksei Oleinik 
Strawweight fight - Carla Esparza v Michelle Waterson
Featherweight fight - Bryce Mitchell v Charles Rosa 
Light heavyweight fight - Ryan Spann v Sam Alvey