A-League 2020: Frustrated Wellington Phoenix take take charge of Aussie travel plans

The Wellington Phoenix are taking matters into their own hands and forging ahead with plans to fly across the Tasman, as frustration continues over a lack of action from Football Federation Australia. 

Having run out of patience with the governing body, Newshub understands the club's started the process of getting their players to Sydney, as the countdown to the season restart draws closer. 

Phoenix stalwart Paul Ifill has slammed the FFA for the perceived disrespect shown to the Kiwi club. 

"Give us a chance," Ifill pleads of the FFA. "Give us the same chance you're giving everyone else…  it's difficult enough for us already." 

On Tuesday, the Phoenix appeared ready to take flight, with the FFA indicating the green light was imminent. 

"We're hours away from being able to secure that we understand," said A-League boss Greg O'Rourke. "I expect they'll be here Friday or Saturday."

But two days on, it appears nothing's changed. 

"The FFA is continuing to work with relevant Federal and State departments regarding the matter and are keeping Wellington Phoenix officials updated with the latest developments," an FFA spokesperson tells Newshub.

"It's difficult coming from another country," says Ifill, who made over 100 appearances for the Phoenix from 2009 to 2014. 

"The rules seem to apply for one group of people and not so much to the other group of people."

On Wednesday, teams in Australia trained for the first time together, not waiting for the Phoenix to get over there before starting. 

"The minute they see other teams out training enjoying themselves and getting themselves ready, and you can't do that, then that's not fair." 

With time running out, the Phoenix refuse to wait any longer. 

The team will have four separate groups in quarantine for a fortnight, with players from all corners of the globe converging on Sydney. 

It's understood striker Gary Hooper is already on his way from England, while Ulises Davila is scheduled to leave Mexico later Thursday begin the long journey to Sydney. 

Only then can the Phoenix resume a season which has seen them climb to third on the table and earn the respect of players and coaches from across the competition 

"If the FFA felt the same,  it would be nice if they could show the same and give us a real opportunity," Ifill adds.

"[The Phoenix] have a chance to go all the way, and it's not often an NZ team can say that in an Aussie competition."

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