Football: Women's World Cup set to be NZ's biggest sports event ever, says Martin Snedden

Just 24 hours after the announcement that New Zealand will be joint hosts of the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup, one message is coming through loud and clear - the country must capitalize on this unique opportunity.

That opportunity isn't lost on Martin Snedden. The highly successful chief executive believes the women's Football World Cup is underrated in this rugby dominated nation.

"If things go our way this could be the biggest event New Zealand's ever hosted," Snedden tells Newshub. 

"And I say that with my involvement in the rugby world cup and two cricket world cups in NZ."

It's a bold statement but one that Snedden is well qualified to make. 

With New Zealand hosting the women's cricket and rugby world cups next year, and now the football in 2023, he says New Zealand will have three bites at the cherry to prove that women's involvement in sport is not second class.

"By us firstly, successfully hosting those three events and secondly, using that opportunity within New Zealand to break through those mindset barriers, then that could be the biggest legacy here," Snedden adds.

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