NRL 2020: NZ Warriors welcome stronger enforcement of new 'six-again' rules

Warriors coach Stephen Kearney is welcoming the NRL's warning to clubs to stop pushing the boundaries when it comes to the new 'six-again' rules. 

Players will now be sin-binned if they're caught deliberately slowing down the game and referees are given more power to enforce them.

Instead of being penalised, ruck infringements which slow the game now result in six more tackles. But teams are already finding ways to manipulate them.

"Clubs are pushing the boundaries to see what they can get away with," says Fox's Paul Kent. "And a couple of the refs don't have the stones to call penalties."

Now the NRL has intervened with an edict to all clubs.

"It's clear we are starting to see some deterioration in discipline and technique, as teams attempt to slow the ruck early in the tackle count," says head of football Graham Annesley.

"The referees have been provided with the power to protect the intent and integrity of the new rules by using the sin bin." 

It's a major positive for Stephen Kearney and the Warriors, whose style of play lends itself to quick 'razzle dazzle' rugby league.

"I think it's a positive from Graham and his team looking to get a jump on where teams are trying to use it to an advantage," says Kearney.

Now teams are on notice, the Warriors will look to unleash that style against the Rabbitohs on Friday. 

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