Sevens: Black Ferns Sevens veteran Kelly Brazier embracing new motherhood challenge

The women's club rugby scene is set for a massive boost, as Black Ferns Sevens stars continue their return to grassroots.

And for veteran Kelly Brazier, the break from the sevens circuit has been a blessing in disguise, as lockdown brought valuable time to focus on her new priority - being a Mum.

It's not quite the ball in hand on a rugby field that's become synonymous with Brazier, but with four-month-old Oakley she wouldn't have it any other way.

"Just being able to spend the amount of time at home that I've got to with this little dude," Brazier tells Newshub. 

"Just to have those connections that I wouldn't have had if I'd been on tournament."

And Brazier is cherishing every second.

She admits she's had to learn a lot in a short space of time - how to survive on just a few hours sleep near the top of the list.

But more importantly, she's gained a new perspective on rugby, on life, and on motherhood.

"It's taught me so many things and just realising that rugby's not everything.

"He obviously has no idea what I do, and to be able to just go home and be mum and make him happy is pretty cool."

Brazier is inspired by her teammates who have done the same, and she wants to show others that being a mum and an athlete can go hand in hand. 

"It'd be pretty cool for them to see - and we've got a couple in the team with Niall Williams and Kayla [Ahki] - to see that you can do it and have kids and come back."

The Black Ferns Sevens team is a family - they even call themselves the 'sevens sisters' - and Oakley now has a whole new group of aunties.

"The girls have just been awesome. They've all given their five cents, so I can't wait until we start back and he can go and see all his aunties again."

And for Brazier, her inspiration is right in front of her.

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