Basketball: Kiwi baller Jack Salt looking at post-career future after severe injury setbacks

Just 18 months ago, Jack Salt became the first Kiwi to win a US college basketball title, before getting invited to play for Phoenix Suns in the NBA Summer League.

But that was the last time he's played the game he loves, plagued by sickness, then a brutal knee injury that curtailed his NBL campaign before it started. 

"It was awesome, it was a great night," Salt has told Newshub of his NBL heartbreak. "I got drafted No.1 for the Rams, but I knew something was wrong," 

An awkward landing at training led to yet another setback, sidelining Salt for at least another 10 months with a chipped bone in his knee, and his rehab is certainly restricted.

Salt is limited to just cycling for only 30 minutes a day. Outside of that, the towering Kiwi undergoes electrotherapy.

Prevented from playing the game he loves has, he has certainly suffered a toll mentally.

"I'm not proud to admit, but when I was in Christchurch, I knew my knee was messed up and I was pretty down," Salt reveals.

He eventually returned home to Auckland and turned to meditation, and now the 24-year-old's looking at life after basketball.

"I want to be a strength and conditioning coach, so I'm getting for qualifications for that."

Salt is eyeing a return to basketball at next years NBL competition, but facing adversity has certainly made life clearer for the young Kiwi.

"No matter what happens, I'm confident in my ability to just keep carrying on, living life the way I think is best."

A clear mind and goals in place, Salt's certainly not going to let this latest injury keep him down.