Boxing: Joseph Parker v Junior Fa superfight edging closer to reality

Optimism is growing over the prospect of an all-Kiwi heavyweight boxing showdown between Joseph Parker and Junior Fa taking place before the end of the year.

Both parties have confirmed a deal is close, as they edge closer to an agreement on money.

Kiwi fight fans want to see this match-up. Parker is the former WBO heavyweight champion and Fa is a rising undefeated contender, who has worked his way inside the world's top 10.

"It's kind of like a 400m hurdle race and we're eight hurdles through, so we're definitely on the home straight," says Mark Keddell, Fa's longtime manager.

"It's getting close though, I can't see why we can't get the deal done."

Counterpart David Higgins agrees, but in a sport where money talks, there are hurdles at every corner. 

Keddell says the situation is far more complicated than he and his old mate Higgins just sitting down and working out terms over a beer.

Several vested interests own stakes in each fighter and everyone has their own opinion on what their value is. 

"The complexity is Eddie Hearn owns the TV rights of Joseph Parker and Lou DiBella owns the rights to Junior Fa," Keddell says.

That's where the problem lies - if Team Parker want to promote the fight, they must 'rent' Fa from Di Bella and that comes at a serious cost. 

"It's only faltering because the Junior Fa side," Higgns says. "They are being just a bit too greedy." 

The Fa camp have laughed at previous offers from the Parker camp, but this time, the valuation is almost what they believe Junior Fa is worth. 

"We've been offered more money than what's been offered for this fight, but we recognise the money that used to be around isn't there right now and that's the risk you take," says Keddell.

But if both parties finally do agree, Queenstown remains a possible venue, according to Higgins.

"They're certainly still on the shortlist and then Auckland, of course, is also a possibility."

Wherever the venue, no-one's denying the intrigue.

"It kind of ticks all the boxes to be one of those magic match-ups," Higgins says.

And for Keddell, a fight against the man Fa beat twice in the amateurs would propel his charge beyond the ranks of promising and into the realm of heavyweight  legitimacy 

"We need to get past Joseph Parker and that's our goal." 

Boxing: Joseph Parker v Junior Fa superfight edging closer to reality