Live updates: NRL - NZ Warriors v Manly Sea Eagles at Sydney

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Warriors 26 Sea Eagles 22


NZ Warriors 26 (Herbert 2, Jennings, Hiku & Katoa tries; Nikorima, Harris-Tavita & Herbert conversions) Manly Sea Eagles 22 (Suli 2, Funa & Olakau'atu tries; Garrick 3 conversions)

40th minute: Nikorima gets the ball on the last tackle and runs behind his own goal-line as the clock ticks out. Warriors have back-to-back wins for the first time this season.

39th minute: Manly must now go the length of the field. Cust slides to the ground, DCE grubbers through, but Herbert dives on the ball.

38th minute: Manly send the ball left, but Cust's pass goes behind his teammate. Warriors ball.

37th minute: ON the last tackle, DCE, kicks high to Herbert's wing. Herbert is safe, but Perenara calls inteference and awards a penalty to Manly.

36th minute: Hetherington loses the ball in a tackle, so Manly have a chance to fo the length of the field.

35th minute: Waddell spills the ball 35m out from the Manly line. Here's a chance for the Warriors to ice this win.

34th minute: Nikorima kicks high and Elliott takes it on the half volley.

33rd minute: Hetherington stops Cust dead on halfway. DCE kicks high, RTS lets it bounce, but it's kind.

32nd minute: Warriors keep Manly in their own half on the last tackle. Herbert runs a kick back to the 30. ON the last, Hiku kicks to the corner and it rolls into touch.

31st minute: Nikorima kicks high, Elliott is safe, but he's under his posts.

30th minute: DCE kicks along the ground and Herbert is crunced in a tackle. Hiku and RTS both offload. before Jennings is tackled.

29th minute: Warriors kick off - they need a big defensive set.

27th minute: TRY to Taufua

On the last tackle, DCE sends the ball left, where Funa offloads in a tackle and somehow finds Taufua, who powers over in the corner. The conversion will be crucial from Garrick - he slots it.

26th minute: Hetherington loses the ball in a tackle and Manly are 35m out with the ball.

25th minute: DCE kicks high, but RTS is untroubled with the catch.

24th minute: Cust kicks along the ground to the goal-line, but Herbert slides in to tidy up.

Taupau has failed his HIA, so he won't be back.

23rd minute: Nikorima puts in a high kick to the goal-line, Herbert rises high and knocks it back to RTS, who forces, but replays show the skipper was in front of the kick.

Hetherington returns from the sin bin.

22nd minute: Hiku offloads, Harris-Tavita's kick rebounds off a Manly player and CHT regathers.

21st minute: Waddell loses the ball as Manly cross halfway, so the Warriors have a chance to go on attack now.

20th minute: Nikorima's kick is not that deep, so Manly have good position.

19th minute: Warriors kick off and manly reach halfway on the fourth tackle. DCE's high chip is met by RTS.

17th minute: TRY to Olakau'atu

Big run from Suli and a set restart, Warriors on the back foot and can't stop the big second rower. Garrick slots the conversion, Warriors 26-16.

16th minute: Harris Tavia kicks long on the last, Garrick runs it back.

15th minute: On the last, DCE kicks across the field, but Garrick knocks on in Jennings' challenge before he can score.

14th minute: Manly now without their two gun props, as Taupau wobbles up the tunnel.

13th minute: Elliott seems to have the Warriors at sixes and sevens,as Pompey rushes up on defence. Cust is brought down short of the line.

Manly die with the ball on the last, but claim there was a Warrior hand there. There was, but not challenges left.

12th minute: Taupau is taken high by Hetherington and stays down. This could be a key moment for the Warriors.

Hetherington sent to the bin for 10 minutes, so the Warriors will need to hang on.

11th minute: Another set restart for Manly, Warriors having to make a lot of tackles. Cust has a pass knocked down by Nikorima, so another set on its way.

10th minute: Set restart for Manly from the dropout. Taupau charges again, another set restart.

Ball is loose in a tackle, but Warriors are penalised for ripping it.

Ninth minute: Taupau offloads to DCE as Manly charge forwards and Cust's kick to the goal area is deflected dead by Jennings. Warriors dropout.

Eighth minute: Warriors make ground from the kickoff, Blair reaches halfway on the fifth. Elliott just gathers Nikorima's high kick.

Sixth minute: TRY to Hiku

Nikorima puts a kick behind the Manly defence and Hiku slides through to ground the ball for a try - just the start they needed for the second half. 

That try give Hiku a record of scoring against every team in the competition - Manly are his old team. Herbert kicks this conversion  - their third kicker of the night.

Fifth minute: Set restart for Warriors and a pass is deflected by Taufua into touch, possibly saving a try.

Third minute: Nikorima kicks to the goal-line and Elliott slides over the touch-in-goal for a Manly dropout.

Second minute: Offload from Taupau, who hasn't been spelled yet, with Fonua-Blake gone from the game.

First minute: Manly kick off, RTS catches and sends Burr on a hit-up.

Harris Tavita kicks long on the last tackle.


NZ Warriors 20 (Herbert 2, Jennings & Katoa tries; Nikorima & Harris-Tavita conversions) Manly Sea Eagles 10 (Suli & Funa tries; Garrick conversion)

40th minute: TRY to Herbert

Ball goes right again from Nikorima and Hiku again seems to have plenty of too to set up his wing. Herbert goes airborne and just retains control while forcing in the corner.

Harris-Tavita slips during the converstion and just grazes the outside of the right upright. Halftime arrives.

39th minute: RTS runs the ball from his own line and Jennings continues the momentum. They get a penalty and CHT kicks into the Manly half.

38th minute: Harris-Tavita puts up a high kick on the last and Pompey rises highest, but can't pass in the final tackle.

37th minute: Taupau tries to offload, but the ball goes loose. Turnover called, but a challenge might have seen that overturned, as a Warriors player seems to knock it loose.

36th minute: From the scrum, Herbert has the ball knocked from his grasp in a tackle and Manly are back hot on attack.

35th minute: Trbojevic fumbles the ball in a tackle, but Manly are challenging the decision and replays confirm the call.

34th minute: Hiku turns the ball over in a tackle, gifting Manly prime attacking position 25m out and centrefield.

33rd minute: Harris-Tavita kicks long, but Elliott is safe under the ball. Big run from Paseka.

31st minute: With Fonua-Blake gone, Taupau is putting in a big shift for Manly.

Croker puts in a long kick and RTS runs it off his line.

30th minute: TRY to Suli

From the scrum in centrefield, theball goes right and Suli beats Pompey on the outside to score. 

Garrick leaves the conversion right of the posts, Lawton returns to the game - it's been a costly absence.

29th minute: Cust chips towards Herbert, who can't gather the ball and Hiku is offside when he gathers. RTS challenges the decision - Herbert seems to be taken in the air, but it's ruled a knock-on.

Manly have the ball at close range.

28th minute: Set restart for Manly as they reach halfway.

27th minute: Burr reaches halfway on the fourth tackle and Nikorima finds touch in the corner.

25th minute: Hetherington and Nikorima make big tackles on halfway, Herbert covers DCE's kick on the last.

Burr is over halfway on the third, Nikorima kicks to the corner and Elliott is pinned on his 10.

24th minute: Fonua-Blake has been ruled out for the rest of the night.

23rd minute: TRY to Funa

Interplay between Trbojevich and DCE, before the ball goes left, where the Warriors are short on defence and simply run out of numbers to stop the centre.

Garrick converts.

22nd minute: Taupau lunges for the line and Levi is over, but rolled on his back.

21st minute: Referee Henry Perenara is checking for a Trbojevic try or possibly a penalty try for being tackled early.

He's held up over the line and the bunker rules he wouldn't have scored, regardless of the early tackle. Lawton is marched to the sin bin for 10 minutes.

20th minute: Garrick outstrips the Warriors defence and puts a long grubber kick forward, which RTS can't gather cleanly. Manly have possession on attack for the first time.

19th minute: Fonua-Blake is limping to the sideline for Manly - big blow for them. Nikorima's grubber kick finds touch inside the 10.

18th minute: Warriors have the ball again from kickoff - they're 12/12 for completions so far.

16th minute: TRY to Jennings

Harris tries to tiptoe through the defence and when the ball goes left, Hennings has space out wide and cuts back infield to score. Officials are checking for possible foot trip.

That's Jennings' first try for the Warriors, since coming across from Parramatta two weeks ago. Harris-Tavita has taken over kicking duties and converts from wide out.

15th minute: Levi makes a good run for Manly, who get a set restart - and immediately drop the ball. Warriors ball in midfield.

14th minute: On the last, Nikorima punts high, but Elliott is safe underneath.

13th minute: Herbert kicks the kickoff off his own line.

12th minute: TRY to Katoa

From close to the line, Harris-Tavita puts a delicate kick behind DCE and Katoa runs onto it to score. Nikorima swings his conversion between the posts.

11th minute: Warriors get their third set restart, but players are struggling to stay upright in slippery conditions.

10th minute: DCE kicks along the ground and Jennings gathers, making good ground upfield.

Ninth minute: Harris-Tavita takes a gap and finds Tevaga, but a grubber kick is smothered by Manly.

Eighth minute: On the last tackle, DCE kicks high, but RTS barely catches it.

Warriors draw a relieving penalty when Taufua tackles with his shoulder.

Seventh minute: From the kickoff, Warriors punch upfield, Nikorima kicks long and Elliott takes it on the full.

Fifth minute: TRY to Herbert

Nikorima kicks across the field and Taufua is way out of position. Herbert dives, catches the ball on the volley and slides through the goal area.

Nikorima hooks the conversion attempt from the right, but great start from the Warriors, ahead 4-0.

Fourth minute: Another set restart and eventually a penalty for the Warriors, but they can't find a way through. RTS jinks, but is tackled.

Third minute: Set restart just metres out from the line for the Warriors. Tevaga again stopped just short of the line.

Lawton and Harris-Tavita spot a gap, but it closes.

Second minute: West conditions already keeping play conservative, as Tevaga lunges towards the line. Hiku tries to give Herbert the overlap, but Taufua knocks the pass down.

First minute: Warriors kick off and Cherry-Evens is immediately bundled into touch - attacking scrum for the Warriors, 10m out.

Players and spectators are observing a moment's silence for the members of the Beirut community that died in this week's bomb blast. Lebanon is one of the countries that supports rugby league internationally.


This will be Des Hasler's 400th game as an NRL first-grade coach - he's won two premierships, and has a 58 percent winning record - 72 percent against the Warriors. 

With Joel Thompson and Curtis Sironen dropping out of the second row, Corey Waddell and Haumole Olaku'atu come into the starting line-up.

The Warriors will line up as named.

Conditions are wet at Lottoland, so the kicking game will be key - Cherry Evans is a master in this regard.


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the NRL clash between NZ Warriors and Manly Sea Eagles from Sydney's Lottoland.

During yet another tumultuous week for the Auckland-based side, any celebration of a rare win over Wests Tigers was cut short by the departure of veteran playmaker Blake Green to Newcastle Knights and the news that interim coach Todd Payten had turned down the fulltime coaching gig.

Former Knights coach Nathan Brown now seems poised to accept the coaching role, with NRL icon Phil Gould taking up a consultancy role to help turn the club around.

Meanwhile, the players must find a way to capture back-to-back victories for the first time this season. 

Live updates: NRL - NZ Warriors v Manly Sea Eagles at Sydney

Green's exit opens an opportunity for promising Chanel Harris-Tavita to step into a fulltime starting role in the only change from the side that beat Wests last week.

And they face a Manly side staggering under an injury toll that includes star fullback Tom Trbojevic, half Dylan Walker, and second-rowers Curtis Sironen and Joel Thompson.

TAB: Manly Sea Eagles $1.30, NZ Warriors $3.40

Skipper endorses move to recruit Warriors critic Gould

NZ Warriors skipper Roger Tuivasa-Sheck thinks Phil Gould may be just the man to turn the club's fortunes around.

Australian reports suggest the Auckland-based side has approached respected NRL commentator/administrator/coach Phil Gould to take on a consultancy role. 

"He plays a big impact in the rugby league community, especially in Australia, so it would be interesting to see what he could do for us," says Tuivasa-Sheck.

"He's so well known in the whole rugby league organisation and brings a lot of wisdom with him. If the club is looking to bring him on board, that would be something positive to have him as a mentor around the club."

Phil Gould & Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Phil Gould & Roger Tuivasa-Sheck Photo credit: Getty/Photosport

And club chief executive Cameron George agrees, voicing his admiration for Gould.

"I would support Phil in any capacity around the development pathways, consultancy roles and so on," says George.

"There's a lot of people who think they know what's wrong in the game, but there's probably only two or three I reckon that knows what is wrong with the game, and he's one of them - and equally knows how to fix it.

 "We can all benefit from expertise like that and I would highly endorse Phil joining the NRL in whatever capacity they see fit." 

Gould has confirmed his discussions with the Warriors, telling the Sydney Morning Herald: "We've spoken a couple of times.

"Basically, the owners and CEO are looking for assistance on strategic issues into the future. Most significant would be player development and pathways - this would include their relationship with NZRL.

"A strong Warriors club is a great asset to the NRL, not to mention its importance to the continued development of international rugby league, which I know is a priority for Peter V'Landys and the ARL Commission."

Earlier this year, Gould criticised the team for their poor form and the club's handling of the coaching situation, after Stephen Kearney was sacked.

When the Warriors beat North Queensland Cowboys, he predicted they would only win two more games this season - and so far that assessment has been spot on, with subsequent victories over Brisbane Broncos and Wests Tigers.

"I think they're going to be up and down like this all year, depending on the quality of their opposition," said Gould.

Live updates: NRL - NZ Warriors v Manly Sea Eagles at Sydney