Swimming: Olympic champion Katie Ledecky balances glass of chocolate milk on head while swimming

Winning five Olympic gold medals is one thing, but to balance a glass of milk on your head while swimming is another.

American Katie Ledecky should be competing at the Tokyo Olympic Games this week, but the COVID-19 pandemic has put pay to that for now.

Instead, the star of the pool in Rio four years ago showed just how talented she is during a training session.

On Tuesday (NZ time), Ledecky posted a video on Instagram, showing her swimming the entire length of the pool, balancing a glass of chocolate milk on her head .... and she barely spilt a drop. 

Upon finishing, the rock star of American swimming downed the refreshing drink for added effect.

It's reported the stunt may be for an upcoming American television campaign, but the feet was still remarkable regardless.

"I was bracing my core so hard because I can’t move. I have to stay still," Ledecky says.