Golf: Danny Lee apologises for US Open meltdown, admits he was 'foolish and unprofessional'

Kiwi golfer Danny Lee has apologised on social media for his blow up at the US Open at Winged Foot last week.

On Twitter, Lee says his behavior was "foolish and unprofessional", after he imploded on the 18th hole of his third round on Sunday.

The world No.108 recorded a quintuple bogey nine - five shots over par - to finish his round with an eight-over 78 and finish 13 over for the tournament.

"I apologise for my poor actions at US Open last week," Lee writes. "It was very unprofessional and foolish.

"Obviously hurt lots of my fans and sponsors out there... my frustrations took over me and combined with my injury I had to fight with all week.

"Still just a excuse, I shouldn't left like that... and also like to apologise to USGA. They did tremendous job last week at Wing Foot [sic] on the course and off the course.

"Now I gonna take some time off and think about what I did, and starting next time, I'll show up as a better person and have better sportsmanship.

"Thank you."

The Kiwi golfing fraternity has offered support for Lee, with Greg Turner and Frank Nobilo particularly scathing of criticism thrown at the 30-year-old.

"Nobody died, ya know," chuckles Turner, who compiled 10 professional wins in Europe and Australasia, and tied for seventh at the 1996 British Open Championships.

"It won't be on his highlight reel from his career, but he's just a human, isn't he?" 

And he's still the cream of the Kiwi crop, according to Frank Nobilo, who told Newshub: "When you work that hard and try your butt off, every now and again, the string snaps.

"You pick yourself up and you keep trying. He won't be proud of it and he will work even harder.

"Danny, at present, is our best player and if the rest of our players had his work ethic and talent, we would have more on the world stage," says Nobilo, who has five top-10 Major finishes to his name.

"He's a lone soldier out there."