Horse Racing: New Zealand's oldest horse trainer, Brian Marriot produces another winner at 91

Nearly 40 years ago, Brian Marriott trained his first thoroughbred winner in New Zealand, and on Thursday, aged 91, he added another winner to his tally.

New Zealand's oldest horse trainer is still leading the way after nearly four decades in the game.

"In my lounge, I've got a board, of all the photos," Marriott tells Newshub.

"When I win a race I get a photo taken and put it on the wall."

Belissimo's win on at Woodville means room will be needed for another space on the wall.

"When I train a winner I jump up and down in the stands, they must think im nuts."

And after nearly 40 years, that passion for winning still burns deep for Marriott.

"I don't want to sit in my chair and wait for god," he laughs.

Marriott's never been one to sit around, before horse training he spent time in the armed forces, serving in the Korean War in the 1950s. 

"Once I was under fire, I was a bit shaky, but I had to get the troops out."

Fast track nearly 70 years and he was the centre of attention at the racecourse on Thursday, with another winner. 

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