Kiwi snow sports stars Zoi Sadowski Synnott, Nico Porteous relish full winter without rivals on Cardrona mountains

New Zealand's top snowsports stars are set to reap the rewards of a home winter like no other, as they prepare to leave for Europe and North America.

Their overseas competitors haven't been able to train over the northern summer, due to the coronavirus pandemic, which gives the Kiwis a major advantage for the new season.

Olympic snowboard big air bronze medalist Zoi Sadowski Synnott has spent more than two hours a day on the Cardrona mountains.

"We can all just focus on what we're doing," she tells Newshub. "A Kiwi-only mountain, which is pretty sick - you never get that.

The Kiwi team have become the envy of the snowsports world, with the use of world-class facilities daily and without prying eyes of rivals.

"I'm a huge fan of that, keeping things secret," says Sadowski Synnott. "Everyone's still messaging, saying how jealous they are."

While enjoying the New Zealand mountains has been a blessing, Sadowski Synnott is also enjoying her rare break from the rigours of life on the road.

"Just being able to take time to decompress after the season was huge for me. It just gave me time to rethink what I was doing."

Another Kiwi star who enjoying his time at home is Olympic skier Nico Porteous.

Nico Porteous.
Nico Porteous. Photo credit: Getty

The 18-year-old, who won bronze in the freestyle halfpipe ski final at Pyeongchang, isn't sure when he'll head overseas, but believes - when he does - he'll have the upper hand.

"I've actually had a really progressive season and learnt a lot that I did not expect," he tells Newshub.

"We have the best facility in the world right now, and I'm thankful that we can get on the snow and just take it day by day.

With the World Cup and X-Games on the horizon, New Zealand's best are set to shine again on the world stage.