Otago 6yo aiming to clock 40 days on the ski field to raise money for Cancer Society

A six-year-old from Cromwell is making a name for himself on the ski fields. 

But it's not just his skiing that's earning him the reputation.

Lochie Win loves skiing - but it's for another love that's he's set the ambitious goal to clock up 40 days on the ski field.

"When they decided it was going to be a fundraiser and they were going to fundraise for the cancer society it really touched a nerve," mum Rebecca Win told Newshub.

"For a six-year-old wanting to do something that affected us and a lot of other families in NZ it's huge," dad Luke added.

Rebecca was diagnosed with a rare malignant adrenal tumour when Lochie was 4-years-old. The more Lochie's learned about it, the more he wants to help, and he's just cracked 500 ski runs so far this season

He's already raised $5000.

"Come on NZ I need to raise a trillion dollars for the cancer society," Lochie said.

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